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TOPIC: Jordan Clark

Bizkit Jordan Clark 6 days 21 hours ago #15

Personally, I'd be ok with a pick around 30 going for Clark. Any more and that's definitely overs for someone unable to get a game (even though they have talent). Is that enough to shake him free while contracted? That will probably depend on whether Geelong are going to go again for a premiership or rebuild. If rebuilding they'll value Clark and a higher pick. If not, they take what they can get and try to make their list better now.

I do subscribe to the theory you need to value your high draft picks more as that's generally the area of the draft where you find the generational talent. It's becoming less and less likely for stars of the competition to be found with later picks as better talent identification (and far more footage/coverage) improves club knowledge of those available on draft day. It's why a top 10 pick is so hard to pry away from clubs and I would want to keep as many as you can.

We've generally done pretty well identifying talent with later picks and hopefully that continues. This year it's unlikely considering we've already given away our 3rd and 4th round selections and should get some high selections for Cerra. With smaller list sizes, we're looking at 4 kids in the top 30 picks which would be a huge boost. Clark is probably on the borderline of that level so the question is, how do we value him?
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bozza said You Beaut

bozza Jordan Clark 6 days 20 hours ago #16

I’m a fan of Clark and was keen on him last year. It’s worked out well that we didn’t get him as his value has decreased. I agree Biz a pick around 30 sounds about right but Geelong are notoriously hard to bargain with. I’d offer our future 2nd for Clark and pick 52 this year.
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391 Jordan Clark 6 days 20 hours ago #17

Mansplaining what everyone else already said but prying him loose of his contract with Geelong will be tough.

Just us the Eagles - they've got form in making people cough up for contracted players.

Where players went in the draft initially should be less and less relevant as time passes in their career; and should be based on what they have done on and off the field. Injury a factor 2020, but they've used him in 14 matches across last 2 years, 3 of which were the med sub.

Agree Rd 2, or a future, ... just seems so many WA lads (forwards, midfelders, on the draft board as relevant in top 10-15, top 30, and beyond ... I'd just be super stoked if we loaded up on picks this year and took as many of them as we can.

Heard a few of them interviewed last few weeks, and they all seem like good footy mates in WA squad and respectful combatants when in colts or school sides. Load up I reckon.
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expat, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

moodindigo Jordan Clark 6 days 19 hours ago #18

Clark, like Angus Brayshaw, would be handy. But I agree the priority is trying to hang onto as many top 10 or top 20 picks as we can to try to secure a couple of elite players, including a KPP. The long term plan should be to have the maximum number of first round draft picks in the team in 2023, 2024 and beyond. Technically I guess Clark and Brayshaw were both first rounders. But neither looks like a fortune-changing superstar. It shouldn't be impossible to secure one or both of Clark and Brayshaw and still have say three picks between say 6 and 20. That would be a good outcome.
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Raglan Matt Jordan Clark 6 days 18 hours ago #19

Raglan Matt
Neither Clark or A Brayshaw are goalkickers, pass on them. Identify the sharpshooters in the draft, and then let them play the way they have grown up playing. That is what caught your eye, Peter, don't try and change them.
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blockerhall Jordan Clark 6 days 17 hours ago #20

Clark can kick goals if he gets forward enough. No problems. Not shy about taking the shot either
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