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TOPIC: Connor-nundrum!

cletus Connor-nundrum! 4 days 16 hours ago #1

Right. What exactly is wrong here.?

If he's being omitted when half the squad is injured...well...there's serious problems.

I get it that he has poor disposal, but surely we can find a handball only, in & under role for him ?? I mean, he is not the worst AFL footballer to pull on the boots....he's far from it.!

Its got to be 'failure to follow team rules" or something? ..i cant really see it, but, maybe someone can enlighten me to exactly why we cant find a decemt role for this fellow....
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goodie Connor-nudrum! 4 days 15 hours ago #2

Yeah I suppose there may be a possibility that they are giving guys like Bewley one last chance before they delist them at the end of the season, but you would have to be worried if you were Blakeley. He has a year left on his contract but I am with Morgan on this one- they will pay him out. I think Giro, Banfield and Valente will be in the gun, possibly even Crowden, Watson and Duman. The club also faces tough decisions on Hill and Sturt.
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peaking1 Connor-nudrum! 4 days 15 hours ago #3

Not Sturt, I’d hate to see him picked up by another club and then become the 1st class forward that he will be.
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goodie Connor-nudrum! 4 days 14 hours ago #4

Yeah me too. But how long do you keep a player on the list before they get over their injuries?
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exceed Connor-nudrum! 4 days 14 hours ago #5

The Connor blakely saga has been discussed ad nausea.

Yes he gets the ball, unfortunately most of the time he gets it he puts the team mate receiving it in more trouble than the early settlers.
Having said that , I thought he was getting better in that department, but against the bullies he reverted back.
It is no mystery why he did not get picked this week or some miscarriage of justice. I would not pick him and that is hard to say because I hate the fact that he has been on our list 6 years and he will be delisted . At his age of 24-5 he should of developed into a quality power pepper bull but has not.
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Bizkit, purple mao said You Beaut

Matebe Connor-nudrum! 4 days 14 hours ago #6

How long does Sturt stay on the list? Using the Rule of Morabito, at least another 6 years.
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blockerhall said You Beaut

rogerrocks Connor-nudrum! 4 days 14 hours ago #7

We persevered with Menengola for 3 years, if I remember correctly. He seems to go ok now.
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Rhufus Connor-nudrum! 4 days 13 hours ago #8

Unfortunately for Connor hes not even doing the things he does normally do well, like running or extracting the ball like a terrier from the contest. He couldnt or wouldnt keep up with the Mullet head when running down the wing and just gave up and pointed to him, for some other sucker to pick up. Not good enough.

I watched him last week just wander aimlessly off his Bulldogs opponent who was about 5 m off the action. He vaguely wafted over to the bullies ball carrier who was in the process of getting tackled by AA Luke Ryan. Ryan didnt need assistance it was clear he would make the tackle. Connor just needed to cover the outflow. No, he leaves his man, sucks into the ball but not enough to actually impact the contest, the Doggies player then handballs to Connors player who is now streaming away from the contest and another forward foray results. Dumb footy which i normally blame the coach for.

My only guess is that JLo has spoken to him about these things yet he keeps doing them because he is unable to execute and think quick enough at AFL pace or maybe hes lost all confidence? Its unfortunate as Ive been following him since his black duck days but for whatever reason, he is really struggling and we need to see what else we`ve got.
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Bizkit said You Beaut

Bizkit Connor-nundrum! 4 days 2 hours ago #9

Yeah it's no mystery. His decision making has gone down the drain, his disposal isn't at AFL standard and he isn't able to find the footy.

I'd much prefer these young kids like Western and Walker get a go and learn what it takes to make it at AFL level.
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bozza Connor-nundrum! 4 days 2 hours ago #10

Blakley is no more then a better then average WAFL player unfortunately. We tried to give him away last year and there where no takers. I think he will be paid out at the end of the year.
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Blue1red1 Connor-nundrum! 4 days 1 hour ago #11

It might be he needs a fresh start and somewhere he can regain his confidence. Tough gig being in the AFL.
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Rhufus said You Beaut

Gumnut Connor-nundrum! 3 days 23 hours ago #12

Bewley and Sturt are not in the gun for delisting. I think Connor and some of our midget midfielders may be on the list. When Bewley and Sturt are fit they usually find their way into our best 22 along with Switkowski.
Maybe Connor may find more success at Carlton and we can find a home for SPS. Just a thought.
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expat Connor-nundrum! 3 days 22 hours ago #13

Connor will be lucky to get a game for the Eagle's Wafl team...
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Corporal Agarn Connor-nundrum! 3 days 21 hours ago #14

Corporal Agarn
I certainly don't see Bewley in our best 22. He was dropped a couple of times last year.
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goodie said You Beaut
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