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TOPIC: What is it?

cletus What is it? 1 week 4 hours ago #15

I agree Hypen that some of those blokes are tough enough to take it, but how manynof the ones you mention are 'dishing it out'.?

And i'm not talking about 'whscking someone', ...I'm talking about 'real physical intent' in the contest. The lot you mention are all up for a contest, but excepting Fyfe, and perhaps Ryan, none of them are 'intmidating' in the contest.

Cox, Tucker, Wilson, Brayshaw??? Are they really 'intimidating'?? Don't think so....

Fyfey's getting ironed out a lot...probably by sheer wrecklessness and desire to get the ball, .... but, he's not ironing out too many others.
Tough? - hell, yes, hes tough! And all the others are tough enough to take it as well.
But i want some 'batterers' ...some who dish it out. No one is 'living in fear' when they play the Dockers.

Treacy is as close as i've seen to giving us some of the stuff we need.
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zorro said You Beaut

Svenny What is it? 1 week 4 hours ago #16

A team that regularly kicks a shedload of goals, whether by accuracy or by volume of opportunity, creates all the intimidation needed when facing their opposition.
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blockerhall, goodie, Burton said You Beaut

zorro What is it? 6 days 21 hours ago #17

I'm with you, Cletus. I'd be spending the next three drafts bringing in guys with big, hard bodies and the inclination to use them. Give our team Mitch Robinson, Sam Powell-Pepper and one more like them and the difference would be enormous. They don't have to be the best players going around, and they don't have to be mongrels, just guys with bone, muscle and gristle that they like throwing around.

And I agree about Fyfe. He's the only player we've got (let's see how Treacy goes) who looks for the physical contest, has the body to prevail and intends to. How we expect him to kick straight for goal after all the other things we need him to do defeats me.
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cletus, Purplesherrin said You Beaut

Raglan Matt What is it? 6 days 20 hours ago #18

Raglan Matt
If we could bring back Solly, Cooky & Dale Kickett, opponents would think twice about pushing the envelope.
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Morgan What is it? 6 days 3 hours ago #19

It used to be that citing the aggregate sum of many things as a potential cause for our ills was heresy around here.
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goodie said You Beaut

moodindigo What is it? 6 days 3 hours ago #20

No doubt we are an undersized team. I don't care if we draft big guys who want to smash into people, but we could do with a few bigger, less easily shifted bodies.
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Blue1red1 What is it? 6 days 2 hours ago #21

We just need more kick it through the middle of the big sticks bodies, and some kick it to advantage of the kick it through the middle of the big sticks bodies. Pretty sure that would help us a fair bit.
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moodindigo What is it? 5 days 23 hours ago #22

If I could have a free pick at three players from other clubs to remedy our list I reckon: Bontompelli, Petracca and May. Big, skilful, hard to knock over and carry plenty of momentum when moving. The first two to get the ball to the goals, the third to get in the way when the other side is trying to get the ball to the goals. That's where the value in the bigness lies. The hurting opponents part should be just a happy side-effect.
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The_Yeti What is it? 5 days 11 hours ago #23

No, citing multiple factors around here was never heresy.

It's just that some folks couldn't accept criticism pf one of the major causes of our ills.

Apparently, nothing much has changed.
Egurls Suck!
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shane said You Beaut
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