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Rhufus Freo v Essendon 3 weeks 5 days ago #169

Yep agree about Henry. Play him, he is getting 1% better every game. Look at how much better Freddie looked this year as opposed to his first year running around like a chook without a head. The smalls arent our problem, or if they are we cant yet tell because the ball is not being brought to ground or marked as we continually get beaten aerially.
In the old days, you know circa Royce Hart, it was much simpler. You had two key forwards and a resting ruckman in the pocket alternating with a resting rover in the pocket.
If you dont play Meek and Darcy is resting in the pocket alongside Tabs and Lobb, whos in the ruck?
If you dont play Meek, Treacy has to play imo.
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hypen Freo v Essendon 3 weeks 5 days ago #170

Rhufus, if we apply your logic to every young player that comes into the team we'll be waiting at least three seasons before they play their best football. Nat Fyfe was good from day one, when a player gets drafted I've
seen all the really special things he does against other seventeen year old footballers. And they don't do it at AFL level straight away. Liam Henry is not the player I thought he was, I saw a young Jeff Farmer and he's miles away from that. He's either out of form or not trying hard enough.
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shane Freo v Essendon 3 weeks 5 days ago #171

I'm going to just say Hypen's Law now, and save myself the trouble later.
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hypen Freo v Essendon 3 weeks 5 days ago #172

Don't bother backing him for first goal kicker, he's come in to $1.08 for some reason.
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shane said You Beaut

Morgan Freo v Essendon 3 weeks 5 days ago #173


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hypen Freo v Essendon 3 weeks 4 days ago #174

Neither do I Morgan.

I don't even know the sound of my own laughter anymore, I just get so angry all the time and I don't even know..................BLOODY DAWSON!!!!
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Down on down Freo v Essendon 3 weeks 4 days ago #175

Down on down
I still struggle with the concept of playing Henry due to the narrative 'we have to get some games into him'. Thats what the WAFL is for, play him with Peel, get some form and reward him with a guarantee of two AFL games at a minimum much like his current run in the team. If he fails to deliver drop him. How long are we expected as a club to carry a player simply to get games into him because he has potential?

A fair assumption is that every player is in the team based on merit and performance, therefore, why should Henry be afforded extra opportunities over others because we need to get games into him? I know they are different types of players, but his draft cohort of Serong and Young slotted into the team seamlessly and as a result (injuries permitting) retained their place in the side. The same for Chapman this year. If a players form is not up to standard there is an expectation from not only the fans, but I'm sure from within the club that they are dropped and someone else is afforded the opportunity to step up and perform.

Yes I get the fact that Henry is slight of frame and currently 69kg which the apologists use for his lack of tackles, however, surely there is also a duty of care by the club exposing a kid to this environment over an extended period. But facts are facts, two kicks against the Bombers when the ball was in our forward 50 for a significant period of time doesn't really cut it. I'm sure Henry has a bright future at the club, but give me Switkowski any day until such time as Henry has honed his skills sufficiently to become significant contributor to the team.
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hypen Freo v Essendon 3 weeks 4 days ago #176

What makes it even more frustrating is the embarrassment of riches we have in the WAFL, Down on down.
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Morgan Freo v Essendon 3 weeks 4 days ago #177

DoD, the way I see it is that JLo (like all coaches) has to deal with a number of competing tensions. For example:

i. Winning now versus winning in the future.
ii. Giving greater opportunities to more talented players versus rewarding form/effort of less talented players.
iii. Getting a look at different players (or players in different positions) versus getting continuity in the team.

To use your example, Switta is a useful player, and if you were playing in a game for your life right now you might be tempted to pick him over Henry. But if the aim is to put together a premiership side then Switta barely moves the needle one way or the other (Switta is 5 years older than Henry, and though this is a bit unfair, you can grab his type of player in any draft); whereas someone with the talent of Henry could make a huge difference to our team in the future.

There are some coaches who will lean more heavily towards rewarding immediate form and effort because of the motivational affect it has on the rest of the squad. I’ve never really bought into the argument that all players should be treated equally. To me, it’s perfectly valid to give more talented players more opportunities. If that causes any issues in the squad then to me that’s more a management/cultural issue than a selection issue.

I also think continuity is really important. The hardest thing in a footy team is to build continuity between the midfield and attack. I don’t know where Henry will end up, be he strikes me as a likely candidate to be able to bridge that gap, and he won’t be able to build that continuity at Peel.

All that said, at some point JLo and Bell need to make a call on which of the guys like Crowden, Giro, Switta, Banfield and Schultz they are going to persevere with, and that’s hard to do without giving them game time. I would have through Giro would have dropped off the list (for example), but he looked really useful in some of the games he played this year.
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Bizkit, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Bizkit Freo v Essendon 3 weeks 4 days ago #178

Did you see Henry in the WAFL? He was near best on ground for Peel before his elevation for the Brissy game. Since then he has been the equal of Colyer (0gls, 25 touches), Crowden (0gls, 21 touches), Switta (0gls, 10 touches from 1 game) and Schultz (0.1gls, 24 touches) with 1.2 goals and 17 touches. That's from much less game time than any of those guys and while playing more of a stay at home role than being allowed to roam up the ground like Colyer and Schultz. Facts are facts, Henry should be playing ahead of all these guys until they've sufficiently honed their skills right?

Nevermind Henry's significantly younger, he's also far better with the footy in hand than of those guys with more damaging possessions. But you're calling for him to be dropped for a WAFL player of which we have very few fit and playing let alone playing well enough to replace him in his position? Henry's a dumb scapegoat.

In any case, the examples of other young players used to illustrate immediate performance doesn't stack up either with all of them bigger and more physically ready while none actually performed immediately or had done much at WAFL level (all received extended runs in the side due to injury where they were able to adjust and get used to the step up in tempo, game style and teammates). Even then, none had to deal with being as slight as henry and coming back from a 12mth knee injury. Henry now has the same opportunity after getting 3 sporadic games late last season (Rd 13, 14 & 18) with 2 away games earlier this season in Rd 1 (Melbourne loss) and 3 (Carlton loss). He's just played two more away losses and been at least on par with his more experienced and bigger bodied teammates.

Let's see how he goes with some continuity, fitness and time with his teammates on field. The weather doesn't look good for his output this weekend but I'd like to see his one touch skills in the wet.
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