TOPIC: Freo v Essendon

Gumnut Freo v Essendon 4 weeks 1 day ago #113

As much as I hate to say it Sonny is barely holding his spot in the side. Not sure if his output is better than Schultz and he's probably borderline compared to Colyer and Switkowski. It's making it very hard to find room for all or any of Sonny, Henry, Crowley, Western and Frederick(when he's fit) in the side. Their output is very similar.
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shane Freo v Essendon 4 weeks 1 day ago #114

It's only hard to find room for them if you're imagining all these great players sitting on the side lines.

Conca being the exception, obviously.
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kidmaple Freo v Essendon 4 weeks 1 day ago #115

jcalb - we were sitting on the wing by the bench and in the 4th quarter Logue was huge against Cale Hooker in all the kicks down the line. He actually monstered Hooker several times. He needs to learn to do that in defensive 50 and he'll go ok
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Walter the baker Freo v Essendon 4 weeks 1 day ago #116

Walter the baker
We were lucky to be playing Essendon. We didn’t defend well, rather, they butchered their attacks. We were loose, couldn’t kill high entries and regularly turned over the ball. A decent team would have made our backs look like traffic cones.
The saving grace is that we were playing our 2nds. Not that it will help for a few weeks but if, Hamling, Pearce, Ryan, Chapman, Hughes, Conca and Young were fit, today’s backline (with the exception of perhaps Cox) wouldn’t be out there. It would be a different team. That doesn’t help us now, but it does go someway to explaining out situation.
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purple kit Freo v Essendon 4 weeks 1 day ago #117

purple kit
Whilst I fully agree with your comments above WTB, the backline is not why we lost today, our forwards were woeful, we are only missing Sturt and Frederick due to injury.
Treacy has to come back in, our structure ahead of the ball works much better with him in the team. We looked ok with Lobb and Tabs both inside the forward 50 but Lobb keeps moving up the ground to provide a link up target and suddenly we are back to having Tabs and seven dwarves. Having Walters, Shultz, Switowski, Crowden, Colyer and Henry in the same team is not a well balanced side.
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rogerrocks Freo v Essendon 4 weeks 1 day ago #118

If anyone has to go out, it is Crowden. He's just not having much impact. But not sure who comes in for him.

Sonson stays - at least he is getting the odd goal, something most of our small forwards struggle with. I'd keep Henry for now. At least he looks dangerous. And I'd keep Schultz, and Switkowski.

And Logue was better this week. Tobe Watson was good last week, and better this week. I'm glad injuries have given us a good look at him.

If it is any comfort, Fyfe has an all-round case of the yips - its not just his goal kicking. And I know its not going to be popular, but crucial turnovers by Mundy in the last quarter cost us. He looked tired.

I liked the play in the first half where we messed around crossing the ball across the backline until a genuine opening presented itself. So refreshing to do that instead of bombing it long down the wing to a contest. I was disappointed we couldn't keep it up all game. Maybe Essendon changed their structure to stop us from doing it.

Right now I just want the players to back themselves to win.
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ICONDOCKER Freo v Essendon 4 weeks 1 day ago #119

You’d be running in circles chasing goats in an attempt to explain todays loss.
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goodie Freo v Essendon 4 weeks 1 day ago #120

Put Luke Ryan and Ethan Hughes back in that team and Fremantle win. Then add Hamling at full back. Throw in Chapman and Young as well. You can't take out half the teams best players and not expect there to be an effect. They are holding up pretty well all things considered. It was a very disappointing loss but I thought alot went right except for the end result.

It's not staying alive long enough to see a flag that worries me, it's living to see Fremantle field a full strength team.
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Raglan Matt Freo v Essendon 4 weeks 1 day ago #121

Raglan Matt
Yeah, naah, nup, I have to say it. Walters gets a fair deal from the umpires, Freo win the game. But no, again he gets nothing. Freo lose. Henry is a player, but yeah give him a couple of weeks and give Western a run, then switch them again. The mark not payed to Lobb just personifies the "unconcious umpiring bias" against Freo. That's where the win/loss argument starts and finishes.
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Corporal Agarn Freo v Essendon 4 weeks 1 day ago #122

Corporal Agarn
So by that account, every game we've lost this year is because Walters has got a raw deal from the umpires but nothing to do with the fact that he's struggling to get enough of the ball and consequently have an impact on the game?
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Raglan Matt Freo v Essendon 4 weeks 1 day ago #123

Raglan Matt
CA, most players struggle to get the footy under the restraints Walters is forced to endure, numerous high tackles and being held out of contests, held without the footy. The opposition know he is a danger player, and they also know they can stretch the rules much further when playing against him. Look at the way pretty much every other player on the ground is umpired compared to Walters on any given day.
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CaptSnooze Freo v Essendon 4 weeks 1 day ago #124

Blakely might have helped yesterday.
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Raglan Matt, Docker by the Sea, Red Rooster said You Beaut

Docker by the Sea Freo v Essendon 4 weeks 1 day ago #125

Docker by the Sea
That was a wasted opportunity away from home. I thought we controlled the majority of the game but wasted it. It was however an improvement from our two previous outings.
I would like to see Treacy in the team. I don’t understand why we feel, a forward line of midgets is preferable to three distinct targets. Brisbane played with McStay, Hipwood and Daniher, and the Eagles play with Kennedy, Allen and Darling.
I would’ve selected Blakely before Crowden.
I think Serong has played his best footy for us when assigned to the oppositions star.
There were plenty of positives out of the game.
Sean Darcy is going to be one of the best ruck men in the game.
Henry is showing signs of adjusting to the pace of AFL, and glimpses of what he will be able to do.
I love the idea of Watson as a forward as Shane suggested, I think he’s undersized as a back. I would keep him in the side ahead of Conca once everyone is available if he stays back.
It’s time to give Son Son a bit of time in the middle to try and find some form.
Cerra showed why he is rated highly.
People need to remember Logue has played under 30 games going against players that have clocked north of 200 games.
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rogerrocks, okeedokee, Raglan Matt, freo00, Red Rooster said You Beaut

clinical Freo v Essendon 4 weeks 1 day ago #126

Some grunt and chase from Blakey or a 5 possession game from undersized Liam Henry? 100% a bad call. I don’t think this is helping Henry’s development at all. Sure he should develop into a great player over time but right now he is a child against men and gets swatted aside too easily.
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