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pollyanna Sandi’s Flag 1 month 1 day ago #15

Kennedy, Dahling, Cameron and Tommohawk are all behind Tabs on the Coleman race - they need to lift their game, maybe aping some of Tabs technique will help them learn a bit.
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Walter the baker Sandi’s Flag 1 month 1 day ago #16

Walter the baker
I can’t believe that anyone is focussing on Tabs when trying to identify our shortcomings. He usually plays with two gorillas double teaming him and still manages a couple of goals a game while also getting the ball to ground for our smalls. He also regularly is in our top 3 players for distance covered during the game which is a great indicator of effort. He ain’t perfect but find me a player that is (apart from Clive, who was so imperfect that he was perfect)
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Gumnut Sandi’s Flag 1 month 22 hours ago #17

You have a short memory Walter because the thing about Clive was that he always crashed the pack in front of him and bought the ball to ground. That's all I'm asking of Tabs. Just compete and bring the ball to ground and then it's the little guys' turn.
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The_Yeti Sandi’s Flag 1 month 22 hours ago #18

Yah gumnut, that would be great....if he want being constantly held off the ball or having some bloke blocking him out of the marking contest.

Wow betide Tabs trying to shake off the holders or get post the blockers. All that happens is they get a free kick instead.

Tabs gets to some of the contests and he goes upfield to act as an outlet from defence.

Tabs ain't the problem. The problem is the dodgy tactics being used against him
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shane Sandi’s Flag 1 month 22 hours ago #19

Don't get romantic. Clive was a terrible footballer. I hated him.
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Bizkit Sandi’s Flag 1 month 21 hours ago #20

Tabs is an incredibly good mark but bringing the ball to ground when he's outnumbered is something he's pretty poor at and should be better. He focuses too much on his direct opponent and fails to make a contest whenever there's a spare man. If he could at least bring those balls to ground then that'd be a huge boost to the side.
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Morgan Sandi’s Flag 1 month 20 hours ago #21

I just don’t think Tabs is ever going to be the type of player to crash a pack. He’s a really straight-up-and-down player - he plays almost exclusively on the y-axis. You very rarely see him do anything even close to reckless on the footy field. He doesn’t jump into or over packs, he doesn’t throw himself horizontally for marks, and he doesn’t tackle. He just sensibly goes about his business of being mobile, tall, standing up straight, and marking the ball when it’s in his airspace and he doesn’t have two goombas on him.

As an aside, the person who most reminds me of Clive at the moment is Fyfe in the forward line (except Clive would actually kick goals from time-to-time). Imagine having a Brownlow Medallist at the tail of his peak playing the Clive Waterhouse role.
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hypen Sandi’s Flag 1 month 20 hours ago #22

There's no place on football forums for people who need to be proven right all the time. Which is a nice segue into the time I said Taberner is comparable to Hogan and you all laughed at and ridiculed me.
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shane Sandi’s Flag 1 month 19 hours ago #23

Tabener is Hogan with no expectation that he should make the most of his opportunities.

Much like hypen is no shane with any expectation that one random person might agree with him.
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ICONDOCKER Sandi’s Flag 1 month 19 hours ago #24

Funny you mention x-y axis Morgan, I can`t remember if I read it here or just heard, that Tabs is a mathematical genius, I thought surely it was just irony, but your observation may have struck on the formulae for him to improve further?
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rogerrocks Sandi’s Flag 1 month 19 hours ago #25

Are we saying that Tabs is one-dimensional?
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pollyanna Sandi’s Flag 1 month 19 hours ago #26

If Tabs is such a mathematics genius get him to work out the odds on someone agreeing to what Hypen says - my bet, it's beyond him.
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hypen Sandi’s Flag 1 month 19 hours ago #27

a^2 + b^2 = c^2

a = How much Morgan disagrees with me

b = how much Yeti disagrees with me

c = How much everyone else will disagree with me.

Its called calculating the hypenotenuse.
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TheColonel Sandi’s Flag 1 month 19 hours ago #28

hypen, thats a funny angle to take, more like a tangent.
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