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goodie Game plan tomorrow 1 month 2 weeks ago #1

One of the most striking features of our current run of derby losses is the sameness of the defeats. The margins have differed, but the games seem to always run a certain way. The Eagles take control of the ball, and then precise kicking allows them to hang on to it until they find a tall leading target. Or a small forward crumbs it. Obviously this has been allowed to happen because in general they have been the better team, with better players. But it is has been amazing how often Fremantle have persisted with the same game plan when things have been going badly downhill in derbies. In particular, the long, high kicking to our forwards. This has been a disaster in recent derbies, yet the players persist with it. It just plays into the hands of guys like McGovern, Hurn, and Barrass. I have never understood why, when the game is getting away from them, they don't kick the ball in hard and low with the aim of neutralising the Eagles talls. Even a chaos ball would have been more effective in recent derbies than how we have kicked it forward. Another feature is our mids always seem to overposess the ball once too often and turn it over. The result is a backline that plays really well, but is eventually overrun by sheer weight of numbers of forward entries.
A number of players that have destroyed us recently are out tomorrow, noticeably McGovern and Barrass, but it would be nice to see some kind of plan B if things aren't going as planned. Not just more of the same failed style of play. One of the most disappointing things about our 10 game losing streak is that I feel like Fremantle have never 'forced' Simpson to really coach against us, because our game plan just falls right into his hands. If we are 5 goals down at half time tomorrow I really hope their is some kind of a bold attempt by Longmuir to mix things up.
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hypen, Burton said You Beaut

Dockermus Game plan tomorrow 1 month 2 weeks ago #2

The Ross Lyon era nearly spoiled my belief that footy really isn’t a complicated game; it demands simple tactics, like kick more goals than the opposition. I’d like to think that J-Lo has a similar, straightforward philosophy.
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Raglan Matt Game plan tomorrow 1 month 2 weeks ago #3

Raglan Matt
You get wordy, Goodie, it can be narrowed down to "Margetts Bounces the ball to start the game, PHHEEET free kick Shuey.
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Down on down Game plan tomorrow 1 month 2 weeks ago #4

Down on down
We can revert to our normal plan of bombing it in. McGovern, Barass and Hurn are all out. This is our best chance for a win in the last 10 derbies. Alternatively, we can go all demolition derby and give Gaff what he deserves.
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Raglan Matt Game plan tomorrow 1 month 2 weeks ago #5

Raglan Matt
Do both, I reckon.
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The_Yeti Game plan tomorrow 1 month 2 weeks ago #6

I'm starting to get really concerned now.

Barrass out, chubby Gov out, now Hurn out.

Who will we kick it to in our forward line?
Egurls Suck!
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hypen Game plan tomorrow 1 month 2 weeks ago #7

Lyon felt that if you won the contest and repeatedly brought it into the forward fifty, scores would take care of itself. The Eagles disproved that folly to the tune of fifteen goals on a wet night.

There are not so many at the ball any more so West Coast don't get to play checkers with us. The forwards will push forward earlier and position themselves two kicks away from goal.

Players work hard to provide options for the ball carrier. If we lose it won't be because of game plan.
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Mushroom Game plan tomorrow 1 month 1 week ago #8

Can somebody tell my why when west coast spread out all over two thirds of the field the other team spread out with them then look stupid having no advantage to kick to?

It’s not a difficult one to out sucker yourself from. Don’t spread out with them, and don’t just have all your free runners slowly waddle 12 m from the bloke with the footy for a soft possession near the boundary that turns into a long kick to turnover country after one, two or three 12 m waddles.

Bunch up. Make the defender spread cave in. Outnumber and get the peel off. Then kick it to the forward who Treacy has decoyed for and taken a defender out of the action.
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hypen Game plan tomorrow 1 month 1 week ago #9

And then you can post, "why don't they pick up their man?"
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