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fradonjan ANZAC day 1 month 3 weeks ago #15

As you know i'm a vet.
I was standing outside my home ,in my dress gear with medals,and a candle alight,i had the last post playing in the background.
The moment is very emotional to me,i get it every time i hear the last post .
I was looking forward to marching on ANZAC day as i would have had my two Grandsons marching with me for their first time,sadly that moment has passed ,and i hope the chance arises next year but covid the buggar can rear it's head anytime.
There were a lot of my mates doing exactly the same as me in the morning ,we contacted each other during the day and Welcomed us all home .( a common greeting which is said ,as yeh we made it )
To us ANZAC day celebrations will have to wait till next year.
To rehash it will mean nothing to us ,we have celebrated and it's now in the past.
If the cluub wishes to try to revisit the wonderful way they celebrate the day then i will attend no doubt.
But to me leave it be .
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blockerhall, Blue1red1, purple kit, hypen, Morgan, rogerrocks, CaptSnooze, pollyanna, Corporal Agarn, Stacksonthemill said You Beaut

pollyanna ANZAC day 1 month 3 weeks ago #16

Good onya.
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hypen ANZAC day 1 month 3 weeks ago #17

All the best fradonjan.
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Walter the baker ANZAC day 1 month 3 weeks ago #18

Walter the baker
Thanks Fradonjan
I hope my opening suggestion was taken in the spirit with which it was intended and that it didn’t cause any offence. Any decisions around ANZAC day commemorations, in any year, should quite rightly involve consultation by the club with vets and their representatives (well ahead of external punters like me).
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Blue1red1, CaptSnooze said You Beaut

fradonjan ANZAC day 1 month 3 weeks ago #19

Walter,i appreciate you words and all the other members thoughts and words too.
I understand where you are coming from,and i take no offence at all,though i'm sure you have good intentions with your ideas.
I spoke to a couple of my mates ,who also like me celebrated the same way as i did ,to us we have done that ,and as i said i would embrace a game where the club celebrated ANZACS ,but it would not mean the same thing.
Thank you .
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Walter the baker said You Beaut

zorro ANZAC day 1 month 3 weeks ago #20

I guess there’s also a bit of a concern that Arthur, at 102, mightn’t be able, for one reason or another, to toss the coin come Len Hall next year.

Maybe, partly to give him that moment, which he was obviously looking forward to, and also to acknowledge the LHG and show how much we look forward to it returning next year, he should be invited to toss the coin at the Brisbane game.

I’m sure the crowd would show him, with acclamation, the respect we have for him, and, through him, his mates.
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Blue1red1, fourthump, DS, shane, teasea, Corporal Agarn, quinninup said You Beaut

Blue1red1 ANZAC day 1 month 3 weeks ago #21

I can't wait for Marks next presser, I hope he holds it in Armadale.

Then we can be assured that the Channel 7 news truck will be nicked while the premiers ride will have it's tyres slashed.

Cross back to the footy....
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CaptSnooze said You Beaut

Raglan Matt ANZAC day 1 month 3 weeks ago #22

Raglan Matt
I'm not sure that even Armadaleites would think the 7 NEWS truck worth pinching, it makes about as much sense as hijacking the " The Worst" delivery truck.

(I can't imagine they would need more than 1 of those little bread delivery Toyotas for their entire circulation, hence the singular appellation.)
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shane ANZAC day 1 month 3 weeks ago #23

Random story. On Friday I was reading a paper from 1989 that the member for Armadale, Tony Buti, wrote about the formation of WAFL players association.
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CaptSnooze ANZAC day 1 month 3 weeks ago #24

The Wests online content takes after its delivery van. Both are echo chambers.
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