TOPIC: AFLW rounds 5-9

fourthump AFLW rounds 5-9 5 days 18 hours ago #1

SEVERAL NAB AFLW clubs are preparing for the potential of playing the same opponent for a second time this season.

In one of several options being considered in order to complete the season, clubs have been briefed on the prospect of playing return matches due to strict border laws in some states.

Should it take place, it would be the first time clubs have played the same opponent twice in an AFLW home and away season in five years of competition.

Fremantle and West Coast are expected to be most impacted, with WA's hardline stance ensuring any person arriving into WA from Victoria over the next fortnight must self-isolate for 14 days.

I continue to hold my breath ...
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shane AFLW rounds 5-9 5 days 18 hours ago #2

Shut the border for Rounds 5-9, so we can belt the Eagles every week.

Otherwise I'm voting the anti-vax nutjobs.
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Sox AFLW rounds 5-9 5 days 14 hours ago #3

You watch. We’ll end up playing the slime, GC and Adelaide twice and they’ll call it our ‘tainted’ premiership. How many undefeated seasons do you think we’ll have to have before we’ll have earned respect? (I so wish I could be asking that question of our boys...)
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

shane AFLW rounds 5-9 5 days 8 hours ago #4

We don't want their respect. We just want their silver.
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Walter the baker AFLW rounds 5-9 5 days 6 hours ago #5

Walter the baker
An aside that doesn’t justify its own thread.
Whenever silverware’s mentioned I wonder if we got something for finishing the season top of the ladder: for the men in 2015 and the women in 2020??
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shane AFLW rounds 5-9 5 days 6 hours ago #6

The McClelland Trophy - an award so important and prestigious that you don't know it exists.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn AFLW rounds 5-9 5 days 5 hours ago #7

Corporal Agarn
Nothing like winning a Big Mac.
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shane, CaptSnooze, Down on down said You Beaut

Walter the baker AFLW rounds 5-9 4 days 20 hours ago #8

Walter the baker
According to Wikipedia
“The trophy is a perpetual shield that is kept at AFL House.The original trophy featured McClelland's head embossed in bronze on the centre of five panels of wood, where the names of each winning club would be inscribed over the years. Clubs also received a small replica of the trophy.”

So the Freo trophy cabinet has a small replica in it for the men. I assume we got zilch for the women’s team in 2020?
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shane AFLW rounds 5-9 4 days 19 hours ago #9

We should have a ceremonial burning of it.

To avoid having to explain to future generations why we kept paying a bloke for five years, when he stopped working after the 2015 midseason bye.
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pollyanna AFLW rounds 5-9 3 days 3 hours ago #10

Round 5 kicks off tonight - two winless teams battling it out, surely one of them has to win it. But, then again, it could be a draw. What a cliff-hanger - the best broadcasting spot on the weekly calendar turned over to two useless teams scrubbing it out to essentially save face. Not a good fixturing decision to grow the game.
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Blue1red1, Bizkit, shane said You Beaut

Blue1red1 AFLW rounds 5-9 3 days 2 hours ago #11

Is that why my kids floor ball games are on Friday nights?
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expat AFLW rounds 5-9 3 days 2 hours ago #12

Why don't all the interstate teams fly to Victoria and thrash out the remaining 5 rounds there?
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Bizkit AFLW rounds 5-9 3 days 1 hour ago #13

They really need to get our girls in those prime slots, watching them is highly entertaining with plenty of fantastic skills on show.

Ahead of our side being named, I wanted to mention the absence of KJ Grieve again. BOG for Peel in the first round of the WAFLW last week, get her in the side to cause some chaos and build some touch for the finals against a likely finalist. A mate of mine is helping coach the girls at Peel this year and was raving about her performance, get her in!
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Mercury, slammen, freo00 said You Beaut

Raglan Matt AFLW rounds 5-9 2 days 23 hours ago #14

Raglan Matt
Freo got Bizkit to do the player registrations this year, and he registered Katie Jayne-Grieve, so K-J Grieve ain't eligible to play. Bloody Bizkit.
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