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DS AFLCA Votes 1 month 3 weeks ago #15

I reckon Tayla falls into the "mercurial" category. Capable of taking a team-inspiring mark one minute then not being seen for the next 20 minutes. Does some things each game which make it worth paying money to see her play.
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Bizkit AFLCA Votes 1 month 3 weeks ago #16

She's a key position forward in a game with shortened quarters and less goal scoring. Very few if any key position forwards in the AFLW get more than a goal a game which makes it incredibly hard to gain votes. Even in the men's comp, key position forward rarely poll votes over the mids, it's just not a position to attract votes.

There's also only been 4 games of which Carlton have won just the 2. There are limited opportunities to be on the winning side so I wouldn't read anything into it. It's not an award for key position players.
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TheColonel AFLCA Votes 1 month 1 week ago #17

Round 5 Votes - Bowers powers on.
Fremantle v Brisbane

10 Emily Bates (BL)
7 Kiara Bowers (FRE)
7 Kate Lutkins (BL)
2 Orla O'Dwyer (BL)
2 Ally Anderson (BL)
1 Matilda Sergeant (FRE)
1 Greta Bodey (BL)

43 Kiara Bowers (FRE)
37 Ellie Blackburn (WB)
36 Brianna Davey (COLL)
35 Brittany Bonnici (COLL)
33 Alyce Parker (GWS)
32 Monique Conti (RICH)
31 Jasmine Garner (NMFC)
30 Erin Phillips (ADEL)
29 Ebony Marinoff (ADEL)
28 Tyla Hanks (MELB)
24 Karen Paxman (MELB)
23 Kirsty Lamb (WB)
22 Anne Hatchard (ADEL)
22 Jamie Stanton (GCFC)
21 Georgia Patrikios (STK)
21 Madison Prespakis (CARL)
20 Natalie Grider (BL)
19 Isabel Huntington (WB)
19 Emma Kearney (NMFC)
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Bizkit said You Beaut
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