freofan58 AFLW Rd 3 2 months 8 hours ago #1

Tenth consecutive win by our girls. Job very well done.
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Noddy AFLW Rd 3 2 months 6 hours ago #2

Inspirational stuff by the Freo women another great win. The team effort and commitment in each game to winning possession amazes me, they are tough competitors.
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kidmaple, freo00 said You Beaut

Walter the baker AFLW Rd 3 2 months 4 hours ago #3

Walter the baker
Excellent pressure throughout the game against quality opponents.
Reminded me of our men’s prelim final win against Sydney all those years ago.
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Bizkit AFLW Rd 3 1 month 4 weeks ago #4

That was a huge win, a dominant performance against a fellow contender on their own turf. It was brutal, skillful and incredibly impressive.

Loving the way Cuthbertson has come on over the last 12 months, she might just be the best KPD in the comp now, nothing gets past her.
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Awake AFLW Rd 3 1 month 4 weeks ago #5

Ah yes Noddy very true. But what about the skill level? A quantum leap from previous seasons.
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CaptSnooze AFLW Rd 3 1 month 4 weeks ago #6

O'Sullivan is underrated for pressure and ability to set up plays. Antonio K was a good link out of the back half in Gooch's absence, but none of this works without skills.
Every season, skills and game sense get slicker, more physical and competitive, while up to now, remaining relatively free of gamesmanship and faking for frees. It's compelling watching, and of course great that Freo are able to raise the bar year on year.
For next week Gooch to slot back in,.
Someone's going to be unlucky:. Sharp is matchfit now, probably stays. I'd like to see Greive out there but who goes out? It's hard to make a case at the moment.
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pollyanna AFLW Rd 3 1 month 4 weeks ago #7

Kiara Bowers is a footballer's footballer, none better.
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expat AFLW Rd 3 1 month 4 weeks ago #8

I was a bit nervous before the game considering we hadn't played the Crows in some time; however, to keep the Crows goalless for 3 quarters has got to be one of the best wins seen in a very long time.
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