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Walter the baker Rioli suspension 2 months 3 days ago #1

Walter the baker
It is not often that I have sympathy for the other lot but the lack of an outcome in the Rioli case is a sad reflection on drug monitoring authorities. This young fellow's future is rapidly slipping away while he awaits an outcome. Regardless of whether he is innocent or guilty it should not take over 500 days to reach a concussion. I'm guessing if it was Dusty Martin or Patrick Dangerfield, an initial determination would have occurred very swiftly. Given the limited years of an AFL player's career and the importance of the income that this provides more attention should be focussed on players who are left in limbo.
I hope that at a time when the AFL is focussing on diversity and racism there isn't anything in this case that would have been handled differently had Rioli been a white boy living in Toorak.
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Burton said You Beaut

slammen Rioli suspension 2 months 3 days ago #2

You had me all the way until you played the race card Walter the baker , I agree with everything else but please don't use race on everything.
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Walter the baker Rioli suspension 2 months 3 days ago #3

Walter the baker
I take your point Slammen, however, the fact that he is an indigenous lad living back in the NT makes him low profile and easily ignored. His story hasn't generated a column inch in Melbourne. I'm not saying that he is being deliberately disadvantaged because of his indigenous status, however, the inherent isolation that comes with his family background/ location allows for this to remain a low profile story. Anyway, racism wasn't meant to be the main thrust of my post, it was more about the appalling delay in reaching an outcome regardless of who the player is (which you have acknowledged in your response - thanks)
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shane Rioli suspension 2 months 3 days ago #4

I'm sick of them whinging about it. You know what I'd like to see - the Eagles players not bloody cheating all the time. Maybe they could get clean before they started lecturing other organisations.

They've turned him into a victim so that, when the AFL tribunal hand down their decision, they can get away with not giving him the full penalty.
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Bizkit Rioli suspension 2 months 3 days ago #5

I don't have much in the way of sympathy for drug cheating. A global pandemic makes things a lot more difficult to process so a quick resolution wasn't likely. It takes a while to form legal cases and avoid a drug cheat getting off on a technicality.
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Tragic Rioli suspension 2 months 3 days ago #6

I think Gillon McLachlan commenting on the case last year (as reported on 7news),
"In a tactical attack on ASADA while promoting Saturday’s grand final in Brisbane, a frustrated McLachlan said the AFL has been unable to speed up the anti-doping body’s processes. “Well, I’m going to get in trouble with ASADA again, I agree with you,” he said when asked about the delay."
is more likely to further delay proceedings than bring forward the decision. You want the process to be objective and be able to stand up to scrutiny in case of appeal. The court of public opinion is not the appropriate court and I think ASADA want to be seen to have made their decision based entirely on the rules as they stand. If they don't, an appeal becomes more likely which is not what ASADA would want.
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Dockermus Rioli suspension 2 months 3 days ago #7

I think the out of sight, out of mind argument has some validity. The Egirls have already begun to publicly write off the bloke’s chances of returning to AFL footy. Unlike, say, the long-term injured, Rioli is not at the club everyday. Instead, he’s up in the NT, sitting on his arse and losing years of training/conditioning. Didn’t I hear Simmo on TV recently suggesting that, even in the unlikely event that Rioli is found not guilty, chances are he’d never get back to top level footy again, because too much time has been lost?

Further delays in resolving the case will suit the AFL and the Egirls. They can point the finger at ASADA for ruining the blokes career, instead of having to discuss a club culture where blatant cheating and a casual disrespect for drug testing is condoned.

Besides which, the Egirls have another media hero to fill column inches. Tim Kelly has a new tattoo and The Worst thinks it important enough to mention on the inside front page AND the sports pages.
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Walter the baker Rioli suspension 2 months 3 days ago #8

Walter the baker
Just to be clear, the original post was not intended to suggest leniency to drug cheats or the clubs that they play for, my main beef is the length of time it has taken to resolve the matter. If he is guilty then he cops the full penalty, if he isn’t then let him get on with his life but either way it shouldn’t take 18 months to reach an outcome.
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Drubbing Rioli suspension 2 months 3 days ago #9

I think it less an issue of racism, more a bureaucracy that can't develop clear processes. ASADA have all the facts they need to press a case and make a decision.

Yes, a high profile Vic player wouldn't be waiting this long, and the AFL would have pushed harder for resolution - it would have affected The Brand. Eagles player living up north, not newsworthy, so no problem for AFL house.
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CaptSnooze said You Beaut

shane Rioli suspension 2 months 3 days ago #10

There have also been reports about Rioli's team not getting the correct paper work in on time and things like that, causing longer delays.

It's a shame it takes a long time but make no mistake, they're complaining about the delay to try and get two years knocked off his penalty, not to speed the process up.
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Raglan Matt Rioli suspension 2 months 3 days ago #11

Raglan Matt
The eagles ignore blatant offending by players with regard to rec & PED's, accuse ASADA & WADA of being on a witchhunt against them for the last 15 years, use the local media to try and boost their case, and they have the cheek to complain about the speed witch an investigation is taking place??? What goes round comes round, Nissy & Co. Ring Andwew and get him to give you a character reference, that should help your cause.
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Walter the baker Rioli suspension 2 months 3 days ago #12

Walter the baker
It’s a slow cycle if you are waiting on karma to hit Nissy. How long has he been in charge?
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shane Rioli suspension 2 months 3 days ago #13

Why? Do you think he's done enough time?

You've gone soft. Leave the bastard there forever.
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Raglan Matt, Freoheaven said You Beaut

Noddy Rioli suspension 2 months 3 days ago #14

If you are found cheating at that level of sport it should be good night Irene. Play in the amateurs where you belong, you don’t deserve another chance in professional sport, particularly where people can gamble on the outcome.

Bloody Smith and Warner and it still grinds me they roped Bancroft into their corrupt ways.
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