TOPIC: Sumich & Fyfe

Quasimodo Sumich & Fyfe 2 weeks 2 days ago #1

Sumich in Sunday Times says if coach he would trade Fyfe.

God reason he is not our coach.
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The_Yeti said You Beaut

shane Sumich & Fyfe 2 weeks 2 days ago #2

Also, he would not do that.
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Walter the baker said You Beaut

purple kit Sumich & Fyfe 2 weeks 2 days ago #3

purple kit
Retarded comments like trading Fyfe are probably why is isn’t and never will be our coach, I once had a little respect for the man for standing up to Ross and then getting the boot, that has evaporated pretty quickly.
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Corporal Agarn Sumich & Fyfe 2 weeks 2 days ago #4

Corporal Agarn
Funny how you never seem to read about other clubs who should supposedly get rid of their best player under similar circumstances. eg Dangerfield, Kennedy, Mitchell, Sloane, Pendlebury, etc.
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cletus said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Sumich & Fyfe 2 weeks 2 days ago #5

Raglan Matt
Given the reporter who has written the article, and the fact that the same story has appeared around this time every year for the last 3 or 4, I would switch back to the cricket, to see what Warne & Symons have to say about it.
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cletus said You Beaut

Walter the baker Sumich & Fyfe 2 weeks 1 day ago #6

Walter the baker
Why does the opinion of someone who has never done a job (in this case list manager or senior coach) even warrant a newspaper article? Clearly this is the outcome of a slow footy news day.
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Corporal Agarn, Burton said You Beaut

Morgan Sumich & Fyfe 2 weeks 1 day ago #7

Trading a superstar like Fyfe at the tail of his career is the sort of thing that makes sense in a fantasy keeper league or video game. I’m not sure you can do it in real life. In any event, there is a small window where the prime of our young stars-in-the-making might overlap with the twilight of our veteran stars like Fyfe and Walters (obviously Mundy will outlast them all).

Fyfe has done a fair bit for Freo; the polite thing to do would be to let him coast to our first premiership in a forward pocket.
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goodie, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

The_Yeti Sumich & Fyfe 2 weeks 23 hours ago #8

Yeah, naaah.

The only coast in Fyfe's vocabulary is the one underneath his surfboard.
Egurls Suck!
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shirtfront said You Beaut