TOPIC: Holidays

zorro Holidays 1 month 6 days ago #1

If Shane won’t do it...

Dockerland is on holidays as far as I’m concerned. I’ll be checking in again on Monday Jan 17.
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Corporal Agarn Holidays 1 month 6 days ago #2

Corporal Agarn
Zorro is revolting!
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The_Yeti said You Beaut

shane Holidays 1 month 6 days ago #3

I thought there might be someone somewhere who could do with the place staying open this year.
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Bizkit Holidays 1 month 5 days ago #4

Shane's trip to Hawaii has been cancelled, we're open all year!
Nathan: When did you get balls?
Simon: I've always had balls you've just never seen them.
Nathan: That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
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darthmarto Holidays 1 month 5 days ago #5


2020 sucked and if popping on here gave a few a bit of a chuckle, then well done to all involved.

And if that means Shane misses out on a trip to Hawaii, then that is a price I’m willing to pay.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!
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The_Yeti Holidays 1 month 5 days ago #6

Yeah Biz, COVID-19 has prevented Shane from buggering off with the hoi poloi this year.

So he might as well keep it running.

That or it's going to be a very quiet month in his basement waiting for something to happen
Egurls Suck!
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docked Holidays 1 month 5 days ago #7

Of course there’s a limit of only five readers at a time, and posts have to be at least 1.5 minutes apart. I think there’s also something about no dancing, so that’s going to upset a lot of you.
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Leed Holidays 1 month 5 days ago #8

Northam, Geraldton ... it's clear that you guys have never been to Whyalla!
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pollyanna Holidays 1 month 5 days ago #9

knock, knock

"Who's there?"

"Well, it ain't Zorro ya meathead - that's for sure..."
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TheColonel Holidays 1 month 5 days ago #10

As "The Future is Here" Shane could create a fresh, new, bold, post covid Dockerland for next year while he is lazing around in the sun down at Leighton Beach (Because he cant go to Hawaii (or wherever))
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pollyanna Holidays 1 month 3 days ago #11

Ok, so Shane is sticking around but apparently the rest of you have buggered off with Zorro.

Hey, nothing to say about the Scorchers batting?
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Gumnut Holidays 1 month 3 days ago #12

And to think we complain about AFL umpires when you see what these Big Bash clowns dish up. I thought AJ Tye was going to belt that cheat last night.
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Tragic Holidays 1 month 3 days ago #13

At least no one is going to confuse Khawaja with Gilchrist.
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blockerhall Holidays 1 month 3 days ago #14

'Eric' Gilchurch.
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