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ICONDOCKER Rookie Pick 7 - Josh Treacy 2 months 2 weeks ago #29

I just saw today that Josh Tracey is from Cohuna in country Victoria,the home town of my footy guru (who taught me to hate the Dirty Birds when I first arrived here 30 years ago! ) I asked if he knew anything about him ? he replied

“Yep I know his grand father(lived doors away and used to come up and drink with my old man) and mother pretty well, seen him play with my nephews a couple of years ago, he is big and strong, his father is from Gunbower and has no fear, his grandfather Jim was as tough as they come grew up watching him play and coach of the team I played for.
Josh was talked about being top 10 for a long time, the kid is good!!!”

Looking forward to seeing him in a Derby!
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purple kit Rookie Pick 7 - Josh Treacy 2 months 2 weeks ago #30

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The stars seem to be aligning for Treacy to get an early debut, with both Sturt and Darcy injured the spot for a third tall/medium forward is his to take, even if Darcy does get back in time for round 1, he will have lost some fitness so Lobb would be expected to play closer to 30-40% time in the ruck. To cement a place in the team Treacy just needs to apply more pressure than Tabs and Lobb/Darcy/Meek who would also be in the forward line. If this exert from the match sim on Friday is anything to go by, he seems to be ticking that box with authority.
“ Rookie Josh Treacy continued to fly for marks and throw his body around as he took some really strong contested grabs throughout the second half. His best moment of the game came from a superb run-down tackle inside 50, earning himself a free kick and shot on goal which he converted.”
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