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TOPIC: Willie Rioli

jezzaargh Willie Rioli 1 month 1 day ago #15

"it’s the system that we’ve signed up for which repetitively creates the same set of facts"????

wtf does that mean. each case has it's own facts shirley?
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Raglan Matt Willie Rioli 1 month 1 day ago #16

Raglan Matt
The Eagles believe the AFL should consider cutting ties with ASADA and creating their own framework to deal with issues such as Rioli’s.

Means that ASADA is a lot less bribable than the AFL, I would think. Do the crime, do the time. (And don't whinge about it.)
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The_Yeti Willie Rioli 1 month 1 day ago #17

The AFL would dearly love to break ties with ASADA because it cannot manipulate results that suit it's 'make money at all costs' agenda. 60le get held accountable for their actions, which is not something the AFL wants to encourage.

Fortunately, all peak sports bodies in Australia are required to sign up to the World Anti-Doping regime, in our case, via ASADA. The alternative for the AFL is to no longer be called a sport but entertainment. That way, they are no longer bound to the anti-doping restrictions. They are also no longer eligible for the 'sports' tax concessions and they can no longer be the peak body. Another organisation would then become the controller of the 'sport' but not the 'show'.

So there would be a huge loss of sponsorship including club sponsorships, gambling etc because these firms sponsor a sport not entertainments and you can't bet on shows etc Add that to the massive increase in tax all participants would become liable for and there is no chance that the AFL could survive financially.

So they are stuck with it and can only fiddle around the edges. What a shame!
Egurls Suck!
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Nodgey, pollyanna, maynefan, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

pollyanna Willie Rioli 1 month 1 day ago #18

True Yeti - the Angels tried that defence for the Altamont charges in 1970 (claiming it was sport), cost a few of them 20 to life.
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darthmarto Willie Rioli 1 month 18 hours ago #19

I'd expect the e-girls and the AFL are all putting forward their version of the facts, which ASADA are presumably doing a "yeah-nah" response.

Eagles version - "Riolli was experiencing muscle spasms after a heavy training session and accidentally spilled a drop of Gatorade into his sample as he attempted to rehydrate and comply with his testing obligations"

AFL version - "Gatorade is a sponsor, please remove all reference to that particular brand from proceedings"

ASADA - "Riolli was instructed to comply, was observed pouring blue Gatorade into the collection container and anything short of an admission of attempting to wilfully obstruct the process will not be considered. Please try again."

Only a tongue in cheek guess but wouldn't surprise me at all if the three parties are in this sort of space, the AFL knows ASADA can't / won't play in the public perception space and apply pressure to get them to fold.
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expat Willie Rioli 1 month 16 hours ago #20

All I can say concerning the dehydrated Willie... A SAD A
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut
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