TOPIC: Hogan and Blakely up for grabs

Goober Hogan and Blakely up for grabs 1 month 4 days ago #43

I am not sure why we would want to get rid of a player that we don't have a young replacement for and he is still in contract. Freo has had rotten luck when it comes to key forwards besides Pav. We can't seem to trade for one or pick a ready made player or draft one without some major issue with them. It took many years for Taberner to become a good consistent forward. I say let Hogan see out his final year of his contract, surely it will be his best year next year and we will be thankful we didn't trade him. He is hitting his peak at 25. I can't see Freo letting him go. We let McCarthy see out his final year of his contract when he had not produced consistent football. Hogan has had to deal with mental health issues as well as ongoing injuries.
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Detox Hogan and Blakely up for grabs 1 month 3 days ago #44

On the surface it looks like what we can get back in return just wouldn’t be worth it too us unless it’s salary cap dump to get other players in.. certainly won’t be yielding much in terms of draft picks
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slammen Hogan and Blakely up for grabs 1 month 3 days ago #45

I say it's in our and Hogans best interest to keep him for next year , if he plays well he triggers a contract extension and gets good money, if he plays well his trade value goes up, if we really need to trade him it's a win win

To me, we went hard to get Hogan and now we need to see it through, he should stay and see what he can do next year but I think the club wants to knock his ego down a bit with this trade talk.

Jlo has already shown Hogan who the boss is this year and I think the club is now shownig Hogan that his poor choices/stuff ups won't be tolerated any more. When they meet with Hogan and his management in a week or so it's up to Hogan now how this plays out.

It's a strong move by the club to fix player attitudes and only keep players that want to be there for the right reasons, I like it
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bozza Hogan and Blakely up for grabs 1 month 3 days ago #46

What if it was Hogan’s idea to move. What if he doesn’t want to be in Perth next year ? There is a few variables that need to be taken into consideration if there is any truth to the rumours.
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Patient Docker Hogan and Blakely up for grabs 1 month 3 days ago #47

Patient Docker
My 2c worth seeing as everyone has an opinion.

I think the whole thing is a bit of a fishing expedition on behalf of both parties. The club are seeing what they 'could' get for Hogan now. It will likely fall short of what they see as fair compensation. Hogan and his management are seeing what deal (time and $$$) they can get from another club knowing they only have 1 year at Freo and this coming year is make or break. If Hogan misbehaves again, has injuries (hopefully the passing of 'the gurus' known as Ross and Jason will reduce the likelihood of this) or has poor form his next contract would be significantly reduced in time and cash. Locking in a 2 or 3 year deal with another club would give him some security and time to find form and then still allow him to sign a huge contract at 27-28 again in 2-3 years time if he delivers on his potential.

What is fair compensation? for me based on talent alone it's a top ten draft pick this year which after academy picks etc. will likely fall 3-5 spots so could be a mid teens pick when it actually comes time to use it. I don't think we will get it so for me we keep Jesse and play him next year. The upside risk is he plays up to his potential and we either re-sign him or trade him for greater value, if he plays at an ok level we can do the same obviously for a smaller contract or lower trade price. If he underwhelms completely or misbehaves we can cut him loose. In this case we have lost very little should we not get a fair offer this year. If someone offers us a second round pick for me we keep him and run the risk.

Scenarios I can see/hope happening - Sydney have shown interest - our pick ten this year and Jesse for their pick 3. This is unlikely to happen for a few reasons - They have a high academy pick and want to grab a player before someone bids on their player. Pick 10 (likely pushed out) will likely not be before that. We could try and trade for Sydneys first round next year - our pick 10 and Jesse for Sydney first round next year - it's a risky proposition as we don't know where it will land for sydney - could be pick 1 could be pick 10. The advantage I see of moving to next years draft is three fold - the AFL are indicating they are removing the Academy picks option from the first few rounds so you would get undiluted access to the best kids, we would have two first rounds - likely in the 5-12 range and could package them to move up the draft order if we love a certain player or use them to trade for a player, thirdly there will be some decent depth in the next draft as a lot of Vic kids are have missed their 18yo season so will be missed in this draft. I expect there will be some good choices in next year's draft of the 17yo from this year and 18yo that were missed.

And then there is the mysterious case of Patrick Cripps. He hasn't re-signed, he's a WA boy, his missus is from here and homesick and he's a free agent next year. For me he's playing the wait and see game. If Carlton are on the right path to a premiership he will stay, If he thinks we are closer if we can offer him the right contract he will come. Gee it would be nice to see our team with Cripps taking the centre work and Fyfe move forward roaming, surely would put us into premiership contention as long as we can sort out our forward structure and our young developing mids continue to develop. Do we have the cash to make an offer?? Carlton haven't been shy in spending this offseason either.
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slammen said You Beaut

The_Yeti Hogan and Blakely up for grabs 1 month 3 days ago #48

Personally, I don't believe the rumours.

The club has already stated that discussions with Jesse and his management haven't yet taken place and I very much doubt the club would be shopping Hogan around before holding the end of year meeting. That's the sort of unprofessional crap the Steves used to specialise in and thankfully both those cretins are well gone.

Hogan is a rare talent and we do not have an abundance of tall marking forwards that we can afford to throw them away.

I'm betting that Hogan will front up in purple next year after a full preseason and kick a bagful. Having Tabs in good form allows them to split the best defenders. Now if we can get rid of Lobb's sewing machine, we'll be happy as hell next season
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Bizkit Hogan and Blakely up for grabs 1 month 3 days ago #49

I thought it was pretty obvious how rubbish that article was with no one putting their name to it and no sources mentioned whatsoever. It's pure speculation because Hogan had a quarantine breach. He's contracted, one of our best players, one of only a few KPF's, from WA and has no reason to move.

He'll be here next year if we want to win a premiership, Tabs and Lobb will be on their last legs when we're likely to be challenging next. With no kids coming through we'll be struggling big time without him.
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The_Yeti, shirtfront, Patient Docker , Burton said You Beaut

Detox Hogan and Blakely up for grabs 1 month 3 days ago #50

Yeah I'm starting to agree that it might be worth keeping him. Especially as it seems he is just getting his body right.
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Matebe Hogan and Blakely up for grabs 1 month 3 days ago #51

I'm not sure the best way to test your current worth in the AFL player market is to deliberately flout the covid laws and land yourself in court before a magistrate.
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Docker by the Sea said You Beaut

Patient Docker Hogan and Blakely up for grabs 1 month 3 days ago #52

Patient Docker
I'm not sure he deliberately set about to flout the laws Matebe, moreso like most young blokes listening to the wrong '
Brain' so to speak.

Either way it's going to be a really expensive mistake - $8k fine, criminal record plus potentially lost earnings on his contract of maybe 50k or more for multiple seasons who knows could cost in the 100's of $K's over a contract - would have been cheaper to just fly said companion over to QLD and spend some quality time over there together !!!
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expat Hogan and Blakely up for grabs 1 month 3 days ago #53

Yep, just as we thought,

Fremantle coach Justin Longmuir says...

Meanwhile, Longmuir he needed to meet with controversial forward Jesse Hogan, who is contracted for next season, before discussing his future publicly.

“There’s obviously a lot to work through, or a bit to work through, there,” Longmuir said.

“I know there’s been speculation in the media this week about him and Connor (Blakely). And quite often those speculations work two ways, between the player and the club.

“I probably feel like they’re conversations to be had between the player and club behind closed doors, not played out through the media.

“So we need to sit down with Jesse and see where he’s at, let him know where the club’s at and make a decision going forward. We’ve got a little bit of time to trade period and a little bit of time to work things out.

“But I probably just feel like those sorts of discussion need to happen behind closed doors.”
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Raglan Matt Hogan and Blakely up for grabs 1 month 3 days ago #54

Raglan Matt
How many times did Pav get shopped around the AWFL by the ch7/worst conglomerate?
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Quasimodo Hogan and Blakely up for grabs 1 month 3 days ago #55

I like Longmuir's style direct and to the point.
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blockerhall Hogan and Blakely up for grabs 1 month 3 days ago #56

I read Longmuir's quotes and thought Jesse was in trouble, myself. Sadly.
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