TOPIC: Jordan Clark

slammen Jordan Clark 1 month 1 day ago #57

I would offer Geelong pick 10 for Clark but I would want their pick 34 back, if they don't want to tell them we will get him next year for less.
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn Jordan Clark 1 month 1 day ago #58

Corporal Agarn
Well he certainly has pace. Won the GF sprint.
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docbert, DS said You Beaut

goodie Jordan Clark 1 month 1 day ago #59

Not sure it is that easy slammen. He could easily choose West Coast over us.
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purplepower Jordan Clark 1 month 1 day ago #60

The Eagles don’t have the draft picks for Geelong....a swap of pick 10 for 34 should do it
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slammen said You Beaut

Gumnut Jordan Clark 1 month 1 day ago #61

Now before I write this I must once again say that I want Jesse Hogan to stay but, if the die is cast and he is on his way out could we involve him in a trade to get Jordan Clark. Sam Edmund in today's media reports that GWS are looking seriously at Jesse as replacement for Jeremy Cameron when he goes to Geelong so I'm proposing we send Jesse plus picks ?? to GWS who then send Cameron to Geelong and then they send Clark to us. The basis of this trade being the players involved and the complications being one deal left on Jesse's contract, 2 years left on Clark's contract and GWS' desire to be fairly compensated for maybe the highest paid player in the comp. Geelong should be happy just getting Cameron and we should be happy getting Clark as long as we can negotiate his contract within our salary cap. I think GWS would just be happy getting a good option up forward and a draft pick. It may be tricky but I think it may prove to be achievable.
On further thought Geelong should cough up a draft pick to us for landing Cameron in this deal.
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exceed Jordan Clark 1 month 1 day ago #62

I think you will find the eagles will go very Very hard for Clark. They have future draft picks they can offload but also an ex Geelong falcon in Key position player brander they can trade. Clark could very easily pick a Proven Genuine premiership contender as opposed to A very hopeful freo side that has yet to deliver.
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goodie said You Beaut

Gumnut Jordan Clark 1 month 1 day ago #63

That's where my trade suggestion could work as it assists Geelong to obtain Cameron and whilst the Weagles may seem closer to a flag than us, although being a proven flag contender is debatable after being knocked out on their home deck in the first week of finals, he has so far given no indication to a preference. It's amazing how Geelong could influence this if they so desired and the Weagles have very little wriggle room under their cap either after signing Kelly, Gaff, Shuey, Darling and co to healthy salaries.
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Raglan Matt Jordan Clark 1 month 22 hours ago #64

Raglan Matt
If another club wants Hogan, so be it. But why the hell would you give away draft picks as well?
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Purple Shades Re:Jordan Clark 1 month 16 hours ago #65

Purple Shades
I hope we don’t trade Hogan, but if we were to do so it would have to be for an early first round pick to draft a ready made replacement like Logan McDonald. Our pick 10 for Clarke & 30ish from Geelong sounds fair.
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freofan58 Re:Jordan Clark 1 month 12 hours ago #66

Eagles or Freo. We know from the Tim Kelly scenario that sometimes players have their mind set on a particular Club. No idea whether that is the case here but there are two players on Freo's list who attended the same school as Clark, albeit that these players are a couple of years older.
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Gumnut Jordan Clark 1 month 12 hours ago #67

Craig Vozzo from the Weagles already on the record saying they are not in the market for Clark, no salary cap room and no picks left to trade after the Kelly deal.
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stella, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

exceed Jordan Clark 1 month 10 hours ago #68

If that news about the eagles not after Clark is true great news. Yesterday’s west indicated they were Upto their eyeballs in trying to get him. Hopefully your info is better. Would love to have Clark on our list. Exactly what we are looking for in outside run.
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dddocker Jordan Clark 1 month 9 hours ago #69

I think we should pursue Clark.
We offer Blakely + 28 for Clark + 34.
This gives us draft pick 10 to play with.
Blakely is the new Menegola! That's what we should push.
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Docker by the Sea Jordan Clark 1 month 9 hours ago #70

Docker by the Sea
100% agree that if Clark was available at pick 10 this year we would pick him. If I’m Geelong I would be backing my culture and leadership players to be able to convince him to stay next year.
I’m happy to take Demo’s word having watched the kid at juniors about his kicking prowess. I haven’t watched enough of him to really have an opinion on his ability, what I saw I liked, and there was a lot more enthusiasm about his first year than our third year players that are blossoming now.
We can try for value or offer what’s fair. Geelong must be coming under salary cap pressure particularly with their targets this year. If we work with them towards their goals it might be a win win.
I listened to a read a lot of experts opinions about a variety of players selecting my fantasy team this year. Next year I won’t.
Our coach has said we need to target outside pace. Clark fills this role to a tee.
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