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TOPIC: New Ass Coach... sounds promising

391 New Ass Coach... sounds promising 5 days 9 hours ago #15

It seems in the modern game you need coaches that can relate to the players no idea if he can do that or even coach ...

but ...

I'm very pleased we have Carr, J. and Boyd, M. who were both as tough as any footballers I've watched play in person Carr had a bit more niggle (not necessarily a bad thing).

I'd hate to come in to the sheds and have to look either one of them in the face if I hadn't put the effort in.

Player CV is also impressive:
AFL premiership player (2016)
3× Charles Sutton Medal (2009, 2011, 2012)
3× All-Australian team (2009, 2011, 2016)
Western Bulldogs captain (2011–2013)
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Morgan New Ass Coach... sounds promising 5 days 8 hours ago #16

I’m happy that Boyd continues to learn from Longmuir, and I think it’s great Longmuir is finally getting the chance to put together the coaching panel he wants; but I would also like to the club appoint someone JLo could learn from.

I reckon for balance we could use a veteran senior assistant.
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Tragic New Ass Coach... sounds promising 5 days 8 hours ago #17

What about Ross Lyon as Assistant Coach responsible for making all the players park too close together, in the far back corner of the car park?
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Blue1red1 Mathew Boyd 5 days 8 hours ago #18

Thought our backline was doing OK given we lost some of the 1st 22?
Poor Michael, We just get going and he is given no Prior opportunity...

I'll see myself out
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Corporal Agarn Mathew Boyd 5 days 7 hours ago #19

Corporal Agarn
Matthew, Michael......next you'll be wanting a Luke And John(all star apostles)
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