docbert GWS 1 month 3 days ago #1

Cameron must be a dead man walking
The way they perform suggests Mr Magoo with the keys to a Ferrari
Someone like JLo would appear to be a good fit for them, or top 10 picks are overrated.
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goodie, Burton said You Beaut

jezzaargh GWS 1 month 3 days ago #2

post-GF failure hangover.
it’s not for the faint hearted.
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pollyanna GWS 1 month 3 days ago #3

Friday night games have become the worst of the round - time for the fixturing blokes to have a good rethink before next year.
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dddocker GWS 1 month 3 days ago #4

What is Matt De Boer's future? Can we get him as an Ass coach?
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The_Yeti GWS 1 month 3 days ago #5

I'm utterly stunned how little Cameron could achieve with so much talent absolutely gifted to him. So many first round draft picks, assistance from AFL House, extra salary's just been crazy.

Still while they have so much talent on tap, let's all hope they don't get a coach that knows how to use it. Give him 5 more years I reckon ( it worked for Roly)
Egurls Suck!
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Raglan Matt, Burton said You Beaut

shane GWS 1 month 3 days ago #6

You can't coach an ass like deBoers. It's all genetics.
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Gumnut GWS 1 month 2 days ago #7

You're very generous Yeti. At this rate all of their much touted top 10 picks will have left well before 5 years are up. I'm amazed he's lasted this long. I think their biggest problem is Jeremy Cameron. At the moment he is definitely the most overpaid player in the comp for what he gives to GWS on a week to week basis and he only seems to play when he feels like it.
Best players are Coniglio, Williams, Toby Green, Whitfield, Haynes and for someone that knows how to play his role, Matt de Boer. The list of players they've let go is very impressive and most are players that give everything and play their role, example Jack Steele tonight, unlike Jeremy who just seems to turn up and collect his paycheck.
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Raglan Matt GWS 1 month 2 days ago #8

Raglan Matt
You are very hard on Yeti, Gumnut, he comes up with a way to keep GWS out of contention for 7 years, and you disparage him.
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The_Yeti said You Beaut

purple kit GWS 1 month 2 days ago #9

purple kit
GWS were never going to win that game, free kicks were 10-1 in St Kilder’s favour at one point.

The VFL continues to get the results they want.
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slammen said You Beaut

shane GWS 1 month 2 days ago #10

I think their problem is the same as the Eagles and Richmond have had. Tough circumstances, lots of egos in a confined area and a lot more pressure to perform than other clubs.

It's been a good season for teams on the up.
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Raglan Matt GWS 1 month 2 days ago #11

Raglan Matt
PK, the umpiring never affects the result of games, you know that.
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frankmac GWS 1 month 2 days ago #12

Not sure you can blame the umpires when you lose by nearly 10 goals. Cameron was contracted until 2021. GWS recently had the brilliant idea of extending it a further 2 years. Incompetence of the highest order right through that club.
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CaptSnooze GWS 1 month 2 days ago #13

Paddy Ryder's rucking dominance of a bigger opponent was key to Saints midfield getting on top, a masterclass in timing the bodywork to off-balance Mumford. It had me thinking how crucial Darcy has been, in playing a full season. So glad we also have the Lobbster, though we also could do with Alex Pearce playing a full season and helping out with pinch-hitting, to keep Tabs up forward. Meek, if he's around next year, needs to start getting some game time too
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hypen GWS 1 month 2 days ago #14

The other thing is you don't need eighteen top ten draft picks to be a good football team. Many roles in a game of football assigned to players are not about winning heaps of the ball and kicking goals.

They need a Reece Conca, another Matt DeBeor a Lachie Schultz.

They don't work hard enough for each other or when they are defending. Elite midfielders all growing up being the superstar who gets on the end of plays.
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