TOPIC: Serong - the Rising Star

expat Serong - the Rising Star 1 week 14 hours ago #1

Good on the young bloke for taking out the round 9 Rising Star.
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TheColonel Serong - the Rising Star 1 week 14 hours ago #2

Without the paywall
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fradonjan Serong - the Rising Star 1 week 10 hours ago #3

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fradonjan Serong - the Rising Star 1 week 10 hours ago #4

Great interview with the young man on 360.
Very humble,said when told on Thursday he would be minding Dangerfield,he could hardly sleep for two nights .
Then said when he first went to Dangerfiled at the start of the game ,he did not realise how big he was.
Asked if he gave him any lip,no way he said no way .
Great effort .on him all night.
Also he said and we've heard this before ,he's absolutely loving it here in Perth,next to his home town this is his favourite place .
The guys on 360 after the interview praised him even more ,also said he's got it ,after 5 games you know ,and he's got it .
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Raglan Matt Serong - the Rising Star 1 week 2 hours ago #5

Raglan Matt
Just keeps getting better, and can mix it with the big boys.

As an aside, 2 observations from the clip of the goal on the AFL article, firstly Banfields unwillingness to dish the ball off to Matera in the first kick into goal, but had no hesitation in firing out to Serong. And Geelongs very quick adating to the new interpretation of allowing players, and margetts to call for goal reviews against Freo.
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ICONDOCKER Serong - the Rising Star 1 week 30 minutes ago #6

The 360 team (Robbo) also tried to trip him up by asking him if he used to slip into the pub whilst underage in his home town, he didn't fall for that one either.
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pollyanna Serong - the Rising Star 6 days 23 hours ago #7

He showed some really promising footy smarts all game, especially with his goal. Banfield never gave it off to Matera because he knew Freddy was alone in the square. But Freddy fell, was swarmed and Bews tried to kick it out - Serong spoiled the kick into a pack and then moved into open ground for a kick off his left. He knew where to go and what to do - better still, he was prepared to do it. That's a Mike Walters set of decisions, wonderful to see.
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cletus Serong - the Rising Star 6 days 21 hours ago #8

Glad he got the nomination.....but I'm still struggling with HTF Hodor never got one a couple of years ago....
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dddocker Serong - the Rising Star 6 days 18 hours ago #9

There in lies the hope for the future if we can retain these young (pun intended) players on the list.
and hopefully, yet to be seen, Henry.
I'm also one who's keen to get English if we can. Lobb, Darcy and English looks very nice.
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