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Hiroshi Curious and Curiouser! 1 year 4 hours ago #1

Two charges out of the game ... both happened directly in front of the umps and both passed without a free kick to Freo.
The first resulted in an immediate goal to the perpetrator, Tom Hawkins and his withering elbows.
The second was 20m out from Freo goal when our best kick Walters was dumped illegally. Again no call.
2 goal difference in that game is massive! Will anyone raise this with the ump dept? Justin? Clarkson?
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pollyanna Curious and Curiouser! 1 year 3 hours ago #2

Two goals isn't massive - that's all we kicked over four quarters.
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn Curious and Curiouser! 1 year 3 hours ago #3

Corporal Agarn
Wouldn't mind the biased ruck treatment against Darcy being raised while they're at it.
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Raglan Matt Curious and Curiouser! 1 year 2 hours ago #4

Raglan Matt
I am surprised that you are surprised, Hiroshi.
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Mushroom Curious and Curiouser! 1 year 41 minutes ago #5

Darcy needs to be a bit less blatant with his manhandling - first reaction is the groping biceps curl with a praying mantis arm. You’ll get suckered 7/10 by an experienced ruckman.

And jumping into the other bloke, willy-nilly, when there’s clearly no chance of hitting the ball is just a bit silly.
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goodie, hypen said You Beaut

Dockermus Curious and Curiouser! 1 year 27 minutes ago #6

I'd urge caution before you go off spouting such heresy, Mushroom. The narrative is that the AFL and the umpires - especially the umpires - are all in some sort of deep state conspiracy to stick it into the Fremantle Dockers and keep the club in it's rightful place at the very bottom of the pecking order.

We're not supposed to discuss the immature players, naive coaching, lame game plan and rubbish support staff.

It's all the fault of those bloody umpires.
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goodie, Down on down said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Curious and Curiouser! 11 months 4 weeks ago #7

Raglan Matt
Jumping into Darcy willy nilly seems to work for opposition ruckman, Hawkins got away with a few against our smaller blokes as well, Darcy was just trying to adapt to umpire interpretations, why wouldn't he??? As for the holding, even the biased amongst the CH7 commentators reckoned that the umpires were kidding if they thought they could tell who was holding who in those ruck duels, so how could they award a free kick at all. They were mostly of the opinion Darcy was harshly dealt with by Margetts & co, so, Mushy, I reckon we are ok to highlight it as well. Just because you are paranoid, it doesn't mean they are NOT out to get you.
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sydneydave Curious and Curiouser! 11 months 3 weeks ago #8

Good to see Damian Barrett called this out in his Sliding Doors column on the AFL website.
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Bizkit Curious and Curiouser! 11 months 3 weeks ago #9

'Good to see' and 'Damien Barrett' don't belong in the same sentence let alone following each other.
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Simon: I've always had balls you've just never seen them.
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Raglan Matt Curious and Curiouser! 11 months 3 weeks ago #10

Raglan Matt
Stunned to see Damien Barret called it out in his "sliding doors" column this week.
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