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mac Injury list 1 week 2 days ago #29

Mabye the AFL should bring in the Permit to get come fit players to the club.

East Fremantle get a permit and get a Huge Boost.
Just get a couple of players that can't play the VFL this season, from the mothballed West Coast Claytons or any other players who are out of favour with their WAFL current club and get just a permit.
Seemed very easy for Perth to obtain.
Soccer as a loan system, we have a permit.
ex -Freo Brady Grey, ex-West Coast big man Fraser McInnes and amateur gun turned WAFL Eagle Andrew Fisher will join the Demons on a permit in a huge boost for the club’s hopes of breaking a 23-year finals drought.
Huge Boost. Huge.
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Noddy Injury list 1 week 1 day ago #30

WA today reported one hour ago

‘The setback to Walters was one of three hamstring injuries to Fremantle players in Monday's game, with another in the opening minute to emerging on-baller Darcy Tucker, ending his season, and ruckman Sean Darcy. Both players will require surgery.’

The big fella has caught the ham string contagion too.
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DS Injury list 1 week 1 day ago #31

I can't find any mention of Hodor being out anywhere else. Knowing the quality of journalism in this State, maybe they heard "Darcy" and couldn't work out whether it was Darcy Tucker or Sean Darcy so decided to go with both.
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ICONDOCKER Injury list 1 week 1 day ago #32

In Melbourne they’re asking each other “Is Luke Darcy still playing? I didn’t know!”
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Tragic Injury list 2 days 2 hours ago #33

I missed seeing this in the news last week. Seems odd that the WA press had not mentioned it.
could be behind a paywall
"Fremantle defender Joel Hamling will miss the entire 2020 season after suffering another setback as the frustration surrounding the Dockers’ extensive injury list continues to rise.

"Hamling, who was so critical to the Western Bulldogs’ 2016 flag success before joining the Dockers the following year, had surgery in February following a training mishap, then required another operation in May.

But it is understood the 27-year-old will now need a third operation which has ended his season, despite the club’s website listing his estimated return time as “TBA” (to be announced).
Hamling and his management team will meet with Dockers officials on Wednesday to plot the next move aimed at getting him back for Round 1, 2021.
Young said last August: “I have serious concerns on how the club rehabilitates its players (and) it’s my opinion that this area of the club needs an immediate review.

“Immediate changes need to be made or the club is going nowhere.”

Hamling had been looking at a Victorian surgeon for his third surgery, but the state’s alarming COVID-19 spike and the closed borders put an end to that plan.

It is understood his leg became infected when he was in the Dockers’ Queensland hub.

Before this year, Hamling had only missed four games for the Dockers since returning home to Perth after helping the Dogs win that fairytale 2016 flag.

But his 2020 season now is a wipeout and he won’t play again until next year."
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maynefan Injury list 2 days 2 hours ago #34

So Tragic, it’s pretty tragic news. Where to from here for Hamling and how should we be feeling about Sturt and Young? Also, are there not surgeons in Perth who can manage this situation?
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Tragic Injury list 2 days 1 hour ago #35

I am very confident that there are Perth based specialists who can manage this type of injury.
I suspect, without any supportive evidence, that Peter Steele (Senior Medical Officer for the Fremantle Dockers Football Club) uses a network of specialists who are Eastern States based and has not established a Western Australian based network who he believes are as competent.
I am however a biased West Australian.
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Blue1red1 Injury list 1 day 22 hours ago #36

Any News on Ryans Hamstring Scans?
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Freo66 Injury list 1 day 22 hours ago #37

Anyone remember years back when Hird had his face ripped off and the clowns on the Footy show kept saying he had to drive back as he couldn't fly and insinuating we had no capable surgeons in WA.

Sounds like its happening again.
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purple kit Injury list 1 day 21 hours ago #38

purple kit
Sturt has moved back to TBA after being listed as a Test on the list provided on 28/07.
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demo1 Injury list 1 day 19 hours ago #39

They were hoping nobody noticed that PK...How does one go from a test to TBA in a week and not get a mention?
101 Injury management at Freo...well done team
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Corporal Agarn, R.Lyon said You Beaut

pollyanna Injury list 1 day 14 hours ago #40

AwFL Control should reassess this footy every day as fast as you can thing. Too many players are getting injured - three more Colonwood players went down this afternoon. Given that only a third of the games are on free to air, I reckon it's time for those brainiacs in Melbourne to have a rethink on this.
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R.Lyon said You Beaut

cletus Injury list 1 day 14 hours ago #41

See how it goes when they cut squads to 40....
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pollyanna Injury list 1 day 13 hours ago #42

My view is - if you can't access the product, why would you care what happens. They've got to seriously look at rejigging the antisiphoning laws. Maybe I'm a cynic, but when they keep spruiking the 'that'll make those poor souls in Melbourne feel a bit better tonight' platitudes during a narrowcast, they should consider that most of them don't have Foxtel.

In fact, most of the 'Festival of Footy' could only be accessed on the radio - mostly available only via the exclusive dot com site of the AwFL. I would imagine that most of those 'poor souls' in Melbourne are left with Phil Clark and the Mighty Challenge on Nightlife wireless. Nothing against Phil, but that's how it is - sad indeed.
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