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expat Can someone 5 months 3 weeks ago #29

I finally got a good seat location... but, it poured down with rain.
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Gumnut Can someone 5 months 3 weeks ago #30

Big negative to Bailey Banfield's effort all night and his pathetic effort to tackle in the last quarter should earn him an extended stint in the ressies. Whatever Connor Blakely has done wrong he would have been a suitable replacement for Bailry. He's not a midfielder or is he?? Can anyone enlighten me as to what his spot in the side actually is? I don't think it's midfield but then he is constantly missing in the forward line and his pressure efforts are non existent which should see Cam Mac get a berth ahead of him as well. I understand most of JLo's player selections but this one mystifies me.
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Raglan Matt Can someone 5 months 3 weeks ago #31

Raglan Matt
While Banfield's effort at a tackle was not that flash, he may have realised the futility of tackling, given the umpires leniency torwards Geelong when it came to illegal disposal, and holding the ball, so go easy on him. Luke Ryan did an outstanding job on Hawkins, 2 very lucky goals, and a very lucky mark for a goal. All 3 goals came after frees blatantly not paid to Freo allowed Geelong to go forward again, and Hawkins deliberate elbow to the head should have been a free and report.
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Gumnut Can someone 5 months 3 weeks ago #32

Totally agree with you Matt, regarding those non holding the ball/incorrect disposal incidents which occurred directly in front of me but didn't want to sound like blaming the umpires too much. The non payment of deliberate out of bounds on a number of occasions also affected our chances of scoring more than once. Last night I found the umpiring quite upsetting given the conditions and the effort that most of the guys put up which I thought was outstanding for the most part. Unfortunately the guys just have to keep trying despite the futility of their efforts at times and Bailey's effort just wasn't up to AFL standard on a number of occasions. At times it seems that he is struggling to grasp what is required of him by JLo which is why I posed the question of what his position in the team setup is. I've been a fan of his for a while and his run with roles were quite good under Ross bit he didn't appear to be directly tagging anyone or playing a midfield role and when he went forward he applied almost Zero pressure so his work as a pressure forward was also dubious as he got dragged up field too easy and got in the way of his fellow forwards more than once.
Hawkins, well he was in my opinion beaten pointless by Luke Ryan who I believed was BOG. 23 disposals, countless blocks and an amazing game high of 661 metres gained. I sincerely hope that despite the salary pressure that currently exists he is bound up with a decent long term contract as the guy bleeds purple and constantly battles out of his weight division.
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rogerrocks Can someone 5 months 3 weeks ago #33

I thought Banfield's errors were terrible, but overall he had an ok game. But he'll probably get dropped.
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cletus Can someone 5 months 3 weeks ago #34

Banfield is just getting the MDB treatment. And its unfortunate. Given a run with role, and we'd be singing his praises.

However, it currently seems more valuable to give that role to Serong, to teach him 'what good players do' (Dangerflog this week, Kelly last week).

Can't argue with this, but hope we soon get to see Serong let of the leash' so he commands that someone follows him. Maybe then Banfield resumes a shut down role.

But he is no half forward, and if Sturt comes back , Banfield's out...

We are just caught between a rock and a 'very' hard ' place at the moment, and that's due to all the injuries. Whether thats just 'bad luck' or the fitness & rehabilitation department, is the question.

Gawd help us if they cut lists to 40.
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Morgan Can someone 5 months 3 weeks ago #35

For those that don’t rate Webber’s performance, the silver lining might be that his chances of being around next season become slimmer with each embarrassing loss. The CEO, Head Coach, Footy GM, and List Manager have all been moved on in the last couple of years, but front of mind is that a club can’t sack a coach for not being able to coach a team to a winning score, only to then get worse at scoring under the new regime (and almost every other metric), without some heads rolling.

My guess is preservation mode will likely creep in, and you’ll start to hear people from the club ‘downplaying’ the mounting injuries more often.

Webber is the obvious candidate to be sacked, but if I was an assistant coach out of contract I would probably be holding off on buying that boat.
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mac Can someone 5 months 3 weeks ago #36

From what I have seen with who has been able to play this year I am happy.
Last night shouldn't even be thought about again.
The headline of THRASHED in the West this morning is just not true and disgraceful rubbish.
Its only been two games being Port and West Coast which the margin at full time was disappointing.
If we kicked those two goals early in the last quarter the game would be on to the final siren. Compare the Eagles Premiership side to ours and its positive how we played but not our shot on goals.
We lost three games by a couple of kicks and lossed three games by five goals which in my lifetime was not seen as being THRASHED. So we have had three THRASHINGS!
Anyone who can analyse and say if a side form is bad or good on last nights performance in crap conditions is a fool.
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