TOPIC: Weather v CATS

Matebe Weather v CATS 1 month 3 weeks ago #57

I can’t recall once tonight when one of our players in a ground ball 50/50 soccers the ball into space for a teammate to run onto. That’s just dumb footy not to do that at all in the wet.
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Freo o sonearo Weather v CATS 1 month 3 weeks ago #58

Freo o sonearo
That was a miserable game to be at. There plus one in the back killed us in the first half. We should have manned them up earlier. The bombing it long was doing my head in early but then we seemed to try and go too short in the second half and between our fumbles and geelong intercepting it was soul destroying.
Not sure what the negativity about Sean was? I had him in our top 5. Couldn’t tell what half the frees in the ruck were about, I’d usually watch the game when I get home...
Mundy and Brayshaw handled the conditions alright. Acres looked out of touch and a little injured to me.
All our smalls should have been all over it but sadly they were outmuscled. The one where bailey ran towards the goal just inside the 50 bent down to pick it up and got tackled rather than soccering it towards the goal summed up our night.
Went home with wet socks, I really hate wet socks.
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NPK Weather v CATS 1 month 3 weeks ago #59


WATSON (not huge game but did more in one game than Cox has done this whole year)

DARCY (not footy smart, gets lazy and slopping)
ACRES (not sure what happened tonight; all over the place. He seemed to be playing a bit in defence and seemed out of sorts)
TABS (too many dropped marks even with the conditions)
LOBB (as above)
BANFIELD (not AFL Standard. The missed tackle late in the game was horrible)

Not sure JL chose a good team for wet weather footy.
I reckon go
IN: Crowden, Blakely, Valente, Meek, Henry, Fyfe,
OUT: Banfield, Acres, Matera, Darcy, Tucker (inj), Walters (seems inj too)
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DS Weather v CATS 1 month 3 weeks ago #60

Serong did more than just fight it out. A great performance tonight. A Rising Star nomination possible.
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Big Tonk Weather v CATS 1 month 3 weeks ago #61

Big Tonk
Yes I think matera is on the out for sure.

Acres was worst on ground no doubt. I don’t rate him.

Banfield is not AFL standard - I agree with whoever said that.

We have plenty of good players most uplifting is cerra, Brayshaw and serong. We will get there. A bit quiet but Frederick will be handy
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Raglan Matt Weather v CATS 1 month 3 weeks ago #62

Raglan Matt
NPK, I think you need a dose of trace elements, Darcy was very good, but absolutely slaughtered by the umpiring, Taberner offered something all night, and was competetive. As for Matera, I rest my case.
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Raglan Matt Weather v CATS 1 month 3 weeks ago #63

Raglan Matt
Another positive for Geelong was the number of times they were allowed to hold or push illegally a Freo player out of a marking contest. A couple of Freo players tried to adapt to this new interpretation and were immediately pinged for blocking a marking contest.

In the last quarter, Hawkins jumped all over Walters, deep in our backline, no eyes for the footy never got a hand to it, should have been an unrealistic attempt to mark free kick, play on. Commentators interpretation, "Walters should not have tried to hold his ground" " he initiated the contact, play on" " Hawkins didn't have his eyes on the footy, but Walters plays for free kicks, play on" .

How can anyone defend umpiring, and commentators like that?
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Matebe Weather v CATS 1 month 3 weeks ago #64

What a disappointment Acres was last night. With the team missing Fyfe, and Tucker going down early, in the conditions I was expecting him to stand up in the clinches, impose himself on the contest with his bigger body and experience, lead from the front and set the example for the younger brigade. How wrong was I. Instead he was slow, ineffective, looked disinterested for most the evening, and didn’t appear to want to get his hands dirty. Looks to me we’ve recruited another player who likes to get their tail up when things are going good, but doesn’t show up on the nights when you need them most. Prove me wrong going forward Blake.
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cletus, Raglan Matt, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Dockermus Weather v CATS 1 month 3 weeks ago #65

The thing about the standard of umpiring in any particular game is that, good or bad, outstanding or incompetent, both teams are directly affected by it.

I’ve made more than my share of complaints about bloody umpires (I still say Margetts should retire) on this forum for a number of years, and all my grumbling has changed absolutely nothing.

The uncomfortable truth is that, not only did Geelong properly respond, tactically, to the horrible conditions at last night’s game, they also demonstrated a clear understanding of what umpires are willing to accept and what will draw a free kick.

Is this down to more astute coaching? Smarter players? I think so (it’s a personal viewpoint). This may be a more accurate reflection on the current state of Fremantle footy club than all of the prevailing conspiracy theories about “umpires-who-hate-us”.

And - it will be a very long time before I’m once again persuaded to leave home and trek down to Burswood to watch Monday night footy, if last night’s offering is the best they can provide.
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rogerrocks Weather v CATS 1 month 3 weeks ago #66

So I'm sitting behind the goals, city end. And in the last quarter every single time we go left out of defence. Except once, when we kicked to space and the Geebung player beat Banfield's feeble tackle and they ended up with a goal. Towards the end of the quarter we even had people make leads on the right hand side, but no, it was down the left again.

And for the whole game, it was as if Justin had told them that they would get a bonus every time they kept the ball within 2 metres of the boundary line. I know Geebung were defending the middle of the ground, but I don't care. If you become utterly one dimensional in your play you deserve to be thrashed, and we were so one dimensional that you couldn't see us from side on. Just every now and then, do something different. Make the opposition players wonder about where they should stand. Doesn't matter if it doesn't work. We aren't playing finals this season, we've got lots of inexperienced players - just roll the dice Justin!

And Margetts. Geebung fan came up and asked us why Margetts hates us so much.
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goodie, slammen, Sunny said You Beaut

slammen Weather v CATS 1 month 3 weeks ago #67

After last night, the Dockers should be demanding that Margetts NEVER umpires a Freo game Again.

The damage was done by Half time, he had completely influenced the outcome.

Also, these injuries are beyond a joke, the club has to sack Weber and crew, find us the best possible fitness team money can buy.
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Sunny, Docker by the Sea said You Beaut

Dockermus Weather v CATS 1 month 3 weeks ago #68

A bit of perspective - the Titus O’Reilly summary of last night’s game:

“Hello triple 0, Fire, police or ambulance”

“Police please, I’d like to report a crime against football.”

This was a terrifically awful game, one of the worst I’ve seen... The weather certainly played a part in this game being terrible, but so did Fremantle’s tactics of increasing the use of handball in the wet.

It was such a bizarre decision that even an under 9s coach wouldn’t have allowed it.

I’ve probably spent more time on this match than it deserves. Let’s just say, like invasive surgery, everyone is glad (that) it’s over.
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ICONDOCKER Weather v CATS 1 month 3 weeks ago #69

"Rogerocks" I`m with you on the kick out of defence option, during the warm ups they did circle work leading out to the right kicking to Mzungu off their right foot, competent skills, the group in part, consisted of Ryan, Conca, Watson, Hughes. Interested to know if they did a similar drill on the other wing?
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Raglan Matt Weather v CATS 1 month 3 weeks ago #70

Raglan Matt
I thought their efforts (the umpires, that is) in the first part of the third quarter were what killed us off, they made sure there was no quick catch up by Freo.

Again, Darcy must be bewildered by the way he is umpired, and as for adjusting to the umpires, that was easy for Geelong, whatever they did they were not penalised. Whereas if Darcy tried to use his body, free kick. Geelong blocked in the marking contests all night, Freo tried to adapt to that, and got penalised. So don't waffle on about adapting to the umpires, sometimes the umpires won't let you adapt to them.
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