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The_Yeti Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #29

Yeah, I think you've missed a few things out, Morgan because they are playing nothing like Rolyball.

I. No flooding back in defence and camping there.
II. Greater reliance on skills to maintain possession of the ball (still a work in progress)
III. Maintaining a structure ahead of the ball, hence the 'slingshot over the back' goals which we didn't get in the Lyon years because there was nobody out the back to get the ball.
IV. Having players leading at the ball carrier and not desperately trying to run ahead to give him somebody to kick to.
V. More control over the game tempo. We maintained possession and moved the ball when we had targets.
VI. Not defending static zones....that leaked like sieves.

Yesterday looked absolutely nothing like the Rolyball days. JLo is already a better coach and I think other clubs might just agree with me. Did you notice Roly getting another gig as coach? Me neither
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Raglan Matt Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #30

Raglan Matt
And, Yeti, I think Blakely, Crowden, Bewley (yes, Bewley) & Fyfe had a bit to do with us getting the footy from the contest. The big difference I see in our clearance tactics is that we give the footy to the first available player when under pressure, this gives opponents no time to set up on our outside runners, unlike Lyon's tactic which had us hold the footy until everyone was in the pre-arranged setup(and closely covered by an opponent).

The other thing I noticed was that Freo players (particularly Serong) were, in the third quarter, starting to win the footy from Darcy's ruckwork. This has not been happening ever since Darcy came back from his knee injury, and I hope it is a good portent of things to come.
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fradonjan Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #31

As mentioned before about pressure and the pressure gauge they show in each game ,they give it points.
Late in the last quarter,and as someone mentioned Browny and the other commentators said our pressure over the four quarters so far in this game is the best of any team in the a A F L,this season.
The graph at the time was showing 231 points ,and they said there is not enough room to show our true points,they laughed and said lets get a bigger graph.
I thought it showed right from the first qtr and throughout the game except for the 5 mins late in the third.
This is definitely a different side growing under Jl.One thing Fyfe said .the young guns ,Serong ,brayshaw and cerra ,can do the job ,and let Munday and myself get out of the midfield,I doubt we are in the position at the moment to leave Fyfey and Munday away from the midfield for good.Thats a great compliment from the Captain,(who definitely is not 100% by a long shot)
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Corporal Agarn Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #32

Corporal Agarn
Some 35 yr old bugger for us had 10 clearances, 6 from the centre. Freo's Benjamin Button.
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cletus, rogerrocks, freo00, Sunny said You Beaut

fradonjan Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #33

pay that Corp
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purple kit Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #34

purple kit
There are two very two very notable differences to the rollyball game plan.
i) we are holding players ahead of the ball allowing us to move forward quickly if/when we cause a turnover. JL often mentions when we fail to do this as losing our structure and not how we want to play when our forwards push too far up the ground. This gives the ball carrier an option and has eliminated that “win ball, look up, nothing on offer, stop, look sideways, look backwards, oh carp I’m about to get tackled, slam it on the boot, kick straight to an opposition back man on his own” play that was so infuriating to watch.
ii) around the contest we are holding players on the outside and not over committing players to the ball. This is allowing a quick release handball into space and reducing the number of two metre passes to a Flat-footed team mate who’s about to get tackled. This has also reduced the number of repeat stoppages which invariably attracts more players and congestion, aside from the Geelong game there has been very little of the rolling maul we saw under the old regime.
These may only be two changes but have had a profound effect on the ability to move the ball into space and improve the watch ability of our team. I for one am loving watching our games this year.
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Bizkit, cletus said You Beaut

cletus Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #35

Well said PK.!....May i also add to that that he has also ensured that ''kicking it to a pack on the boundary line closest to the coach's box'' is not the only way way to move the ball out of defense.
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slammen Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #36

I like that he's willing to drop players like Acres and Banfield when they don't perform , it sends the message to everyone that if you're picked to play. you have to play hard or you'll get replaced by the next person who deserves a shot (Blakely and Crowden)
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Mundified Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #37

Haven't posted in a while but I find this topic quite interesting so thought I'd throw my two cents in.

I think the similarity is that the game plan has a strong focus on defence and stopping the opposition scoring. But there aren't many coaches out there that don't have that as a priority.

The two main differences I see are:

I - All players are required to lead up at the ball when required. This creates a lot more space and opportunity to move the ball through a defence and hold possession. Previously it was clog up one side of the ground and then switch it to Hill or Langdon.

II - All players have licence to kick the ball. In fact, they don't just have licence to do so, they need to be able to in order to be selected. I see this as a massive difference. Previously it seemed only a handful of players were allowed to take risky kicks. This resulted in many players not having the skills or confidence (or both) to make a difficult kick when required. One thing I have noticed is most possessions from our defensive 50 until the half forward line, the Freo player darts their eyes inboard for an opportunity, if it's not on, they look for more conservative options towards the boundary (but not as close as others have stated). I think this is great as it shows an intent from all players to take the game on if the opportunity presents itself.

I'm no expert, but the above seems to result in us creating more space and being a better skilled team with ball in hand. Combine that with a good defensive structure and good pressure and we're definitely heading in the right direction.

I also believe that the above would be a much more enjoyable style of football to train for and play.
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Morgan Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #38

I’m just trying to tease out what has changed because this season hasn’t gone quite as I expected. We had a notoriously defensive head coach last year, and almost our entire forward line was injured (remember when CamMac was our only ‘key’ forward?) yet this year with close to a full complement of forwards our scoring has actually decreased slightly (we’re second last for scoring in the league).

On the plus side, our defence is undermanned every week, and has held up pretty well; we’re 11th for points against, down only a little bit on last year, but given the circumstances that’s a good result.

I’m not too worried about our record being worse than last year - I expected a small backwards step this year and I think we’ll be better by at the end of the season - but I am a bit surprised that our points for/against profile is almost a replica of last year. My guess would have been we’d hit the scoreboard a lot more, but that we’d concede more goals. It hasn’t panned out that way….yet.

I do think players look toward the middle of the ground a little more, and it does seem to me there is a better placed outlet player just outside of the contest (and not always just to the back of the contest) but I guess I’m just not seeing as much of a difference as I would have expected, and as others are seeing. For those seeing a more attacking style (which seems like everyone), what is stopping it translating to more goals? Is it just a lack of midfield possession, is it inefficiency forward, are the players taking bad options?
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Docker by the Sea said You Beaut

Bizkit Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #39

There are too many issues with comparing raw stats to last year. This season is unlike any other.

You're better off with a visual representation of what's happening on field than looking at overall stats like goals kicked. There are a plethora of reasons why this may be the case and when you're working with a smaller subset of data (shorter games, only 9 games played so far this season), those trends can be easily explained by things like far more wet/dew covered games than last season for example. Obviously there was only 1 game during the warmer months of March/April/early May along with more twilight/night fixtures on the Gold Coast where the dew sets in heavy and early.

You can also throw in other outliers like a large number of new players in the squad (Aish, Acres, draftees etc), not being able to train in large groups or with all the coaches to work on things like ball movement and communication due to Covid-19. You can throw injuries into the equation (Cammac with his new diagnosis, Hogan, Lobb moving to the ruck to replace Hodor on many occasions, Walters spending more time in the middle to cover for Fyfe and others, Cox forced down back instead of as a replacement tall target forward) and there are a number of varying reasons why our scoring might be down.

It's simply too hard and inaccurate to make sweeping statements like that about this season. Kicking 2 goals in the only game played in a torrential downpour this season robs us of half a dozen goals at least which moves us up a couple of spots in the points for ladder. You're better off watching the way we move the ball and the thought processes behind it.

There's clearly a strategy to get the ball out of defence which is reliant on maintaining possession and hitting short targets when nothing else presents. That's something that will always be hurt by playing so many wet/slippery games. Add in all the other factors mentioned and it will take time, however we've seen plenty to be excited about having been competitive in pretty much every game. Enjoy the ride Morgan and take a look at next year's stats when it's hopefully back to a regular AFL season.
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cletus said You Beaut

Morgan Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #40

I agree on the dangers of raw stats Biz, which is why I just used the position relative to other clubs. Of all the clubs this season we are second worst for scoring.
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Docker by the Sea said You Beaut

cletus Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #41

Well...if Tabs had kicked the ones he missed in our games, our goal scoring wouldn''t be as bad as you are intimating Morgs.

Geez he kicked beautifully on Sunday. Hope we see more off it, because he is a weapon if he can nail his kicks.

But 2 rainy games + dewy games answers the alleged low scoring of 2020, I'd reckon.

Is there a way of analysing 'scoring opportunities' because I'd reckon we'd have to seeing more of those. Inside 50's are sometimes just a result of a kick from the half the re a 'time in inside 30' statistic by any chance...or something like that l
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cletus Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #42

I'd also suggest that, if there were a stat that determined " time spent out on the wing, near the boundary line, doin' nuthin' " , well...we'd be well done on that stat this year in comparison to all the years we were coached by the previous bloke.

And that's a good thing.!

Excepting the Geelong game, it is clear to everyone, that we are playing a much more direct, open and efficient style of footy, than we have for about 8 years.

I may be wrong, but I'd like to think our 'disposals/goal' are down, our 'turnovers' are down, and the 'metres each player runs' are down. Not sure if they are measured, but all the above facets would point to a more efficient & sustainable gameplan.
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