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Detox Game Plan 2 months 1 week ago #15

I agree with Hypen that this way of playing is less taxing. I reckon we have seen that within games but I am also hoping it will be over the course of the season too. I feel we have been very much running out of steam every year for the last few. It could be because we are a bit young but I really think if you hold on to the ball and make the other teams chase you it will have less of a load and that accumulation over time will add up.
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Raglan Matt Game Plan 2 months 1 week ago #16

Raglan Matt
Detox, the effect will be even more noticable over 17 games, (remembering that R15 is where we would run out of petrol circa 2014 through to 2019) and even more noticable again over 22 rounds. Assuming the AFFL don't restrict future seasons to 15 minute quarters and 17 round seasons just to spike that result
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pollyanna Game Plan 2 months 1 week ago #17

It must've been a real revelation Cletus when rural broadcasts switched to full colour in the late '90s.

Like JLo said in his presser, footy is a simple game - you get the ball then do something with it. I would think that the 'doing something with it' part is what we call game plan. But that would be different for each side we face - the guts of it is what JLo summed up. The rest is what the players can do from their training and capabilities.
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mac Game Plan 2 months 1 week ago #18

The change of game plan is that the forwards have procession of the ball in our forward half and keep it in our forward half.
The previous game plan which was is all down back and keep procession in our back half, then bomb and run forward. The first game and win against North last year we had forward placement..well we had a few guys that when the ball was kicked into our forward fifty they were ready and waiting. By game three it was a memory or did I dream it?
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Docker by the Sea Game Plan 2 months 1 week ago #19

Docker by the Sea
I’m not sure on game plans but I know I’m enjoying watching us play a lot more this year. It’s clear we are short passing a lot more and executing this well. It’s good to not have to watch a promising play unravel because of inept skills. I’m not sure this chipping game is especially enjoyable to watch when two teams play it against each other. I’ve watched some of the most tedious games of my life this year where two teams play keeps off. I’m sure Longmuir has put more importance on skill.
The players seem to be playing with a lot of freedom, but if ever there was a year to play free from the pressure of expectation, this is the year. I know, I don’t care about the results. I don’t even mind if Darcy doesn’t get up this week. I want to see what Meek has to offer.
It’s good to see the new players coming through, but only two of these have been first year players, and these were top ten picks. Brayshaw and Cerra were also played early.
I’m loving Bradshaw, Cerra and Tucker being given greater responsibility. I would like to think this is due to the coach but until Fyfe was injured Brayshaw was disappointing and only getting 60+% ground time. He only went into the middle more after half time on the weekend. This was apparently tactical but we now hear he had a solid cork
I hope it continues. I hope it’s the coach. I’m pretty confident and it’s good to be a Docker again
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Quasimodo Game Plan 2 months 1 week ago #20

We have a forward structure, play players ahead of the ball, have a structured backline and play like a footy team. Considering we have a number of key players out we are playing well and seem to have a decent game plan the players can execute.
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Morgan Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #21

We’ve had a block of games to watch in person now, I thought it might be worth revisiting this Game Plan thread. My seats have been on the ground level, and while there are certainly advantages of sitting so close, I prefer the higher seats to get a sense for where the players are running. .

Maybe others have a better view of things, but I thought the last two games looked very similar to the Ross Lyon years:

i. against Geelong (which was horrible), our players got sucked into the contest with no players forward; and

ii. against Collingwood, where we relied on Mundy and Serong(!) winning the clearances, pressure to win it back when we didn’t have the ball, and many of our goals were slingshot-over-the-back jobbies, rather than the lead-up style we had in earlier wins against Adelaide and St Kilda.

I think Tabs is playing closer to goal than last year, and Lobb tends to be the one who floats into the midfield. That’s a great development, and I’ve been really impressed with how good Lobb’s hands have been at ground level - his recovery after flying for a mark is top-shelf, and he’s one of the better players his size at getting a sneaky handball over the top of a tackler.

I think we’re missing a couple of lead-up players. Hogan really helped us with that earlier in the season, and I think CamMac will be helpful if/when he comes back. His continuing non-selection baffles me because I feel like we could really use someone with his sense of timing on a lead forward of half-way.

Our ball movement out of defence looks a little more ad hoc compared to the very measured ball movement earlier in the season. I’m not sure other clubs have taken that away, the players are falling into old habits or the conditions have militated against it.

It looks to my eye our players are running up and back almost as much as they did under Lyon, but our numbers don’t tend to loiter quite as long really deep in defence. Certainly our small forwards and wingmen still seem to push back pretty far into defence, and then break forward when we have the ball (which is how pretty much every team plays). I don’t have the telemetry data, but I’d be surprised if our distance covered has changed much. Perhaps we’re just doing a better job of breaking forward earlier.

I’ve been interested how much Cox has been asked to chase people around up the ground leaving Ryan as the ‘tall’ defender on the last line. I’m not sure how much of that is JLo’s instruction, or the other coaches trying to expose Ryan. If it’s the latter, I reckon Ryan has made suckers of them. I’d much prefer Ryan outsized on the last line of defence than Cox at this stage.
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cletus Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #22

Morgs...if you reckon our the game plan of yesterday in any way approximates RoLy's need to spend less time in the Camfield pre-match.

Gee whiz.!!

But, you are probably right about the Geelong match. We did play a 'whole lotta RoLyball'...and thats why we got flogged!! To much 'kicking to the line' in that match.

That didn't occur yesterday, until the last 2 minutes when they tried to close it down.
Tell me you were sober for the previous 62 minutes, because it was a very good game, and I hope you didn't miss it...?!
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #23

Raglan Matt
And, Longmuir has been very honest in his admissions that players are not always following the game plan, he made that clear after the Geelong game.
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hypen Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #24

Certainly the Geelong game was back to old habits, with Longmuir calling it out. But I thought Sunday was very encouraging from the nose bleeds. We kept our structure forward of the ball even though Collingwood always had an extra on the wing. That forced us to take a risk through the corridor and we got through a few times.

The key for me was the pressure, it was too much for Collingwood, and it's one man to the contest and keeping options outside. Not all getting sucked to the ball or the ball carrier like under Lyon.

I must say these days, win or lose I enjoy the football again.
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Davo Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #25

I did not enjoy the first quarter which was pathetic.

Nothing changed until they finally got their act together halfway through the second quarter.

Applying manic pressure circa 2013 to turn the ball over? Wow there's a new one.

If you don't have someone to kick it to, kick it to the boundary line for a ball up.

We haven't beaten WCE or Hawthorn for years. I'd be interested in knowing the game plan to do it.
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Raglan Matt Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #26

Raglan Matt
Hypen, I said somewhere, that I believe the more conventional structure of Longmuirs game plan means players are not burning themselves out running from one end of the ground to the other. This allows them to create the intense pressure we saw last night. Lyon inherited a side that was renowned for that pressure, but ran them into the ground with his game plan, and the pressure disappeared. Even late 2014/early 2015 it was obvious we were thrashing sides early in games, then running out of petrol and just hanging on. By the middle to end of 2015 we had nothing in the tank and the pressure had disappeared.

Longmuir has identified that and brought a sustainable game plan to the squad, a game plan that they will be able to maintain.

Edit; Davo, you are a hard taskmaster, Freo applied some enormous pressure to ensure the game was not out of reach by quarter time, and as Longmuir said, a bit of luck and Freo would have been 2 or 3 goals up at quarter time. I was enthralled by the way an undermanned Freo defense took on the Pies and held them out in that first quarter without having to revert to Lyon's super defensive flood back strategies. That quarter showed why Longmuir is the coach to take us to the top. He understands how to take apart an opposition strategy.
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Noddy Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #27

Our pressure was off the scale used on 7 broadcast and Jonathon Brown I think it was commented it was the greatest pressure applied in any game he had seen this year. That pressure was very similar to what Lyon used in 2013 and what sides that get into GFs also use, except those that play a keep it off don’t put your head over the leather style of game.
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Raglan Matt Game Plan 1 month 3 weeks ago #28

Raglan Matt
Noddy, I dont hold all those graphics used by the broadcasters in very high regard. And as for that pressure being 2013 type pressure, Freo were doing that in 2006 and 2010 through to the Lyon era, as I said, I believe Lyon was responsible for taking away the ability for the side to maintain that sort of pressure by overworking them.
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