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Walter the baker My bad 1 month 1 week ago #1

Walter the baker
I had serious concerns about Logue as a high draft pick. He seemed to be a good athlete but was injury prone and seemed to lack natural footy instincts. I’m more than happy to now say I was wrong - he will be a great key defensive player.

After today’s game I’m hopeful I can say the same, ie I was wrong to be concerned, about Brayshaw and Cerra ... not yet, but hopefully a few more efforts like today will make a big difference.
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Corporal Agarn My bad 1 month 1 week ago #2

Corporal Agarn
Always interesting to see how well Mundy plays when Fyfe is out, but would that be about Brayshaw's best game?

Really pleased to be wrong about Logue too.
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shirtfront, Red Rooster said You Beaut

Dockermus My bad 1 month 1 week ago #3

Seemed to me that there were fewer of those 1 metre handballs to teammates in congestion that invite turnovers this week. Maybe that's why some of the younger blokes looked to have played better games?
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Noddy My bad 1 month 1 week ago #4

Asking for a friend. Were the people who were wrong about Logue also the same who were wrong about Mundy years ago?

Good sports game people have time and space at another level to mere mortals.
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shane said You Beaut

shane My bad 1 month 1 week ago #5

Bloody Mundy. He'll never make it.
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hypen My bad 1 month 1 week ago #6

I remember Larkin bagging the suitcase out of Logue. No wonder he's hiding in the shadows these days.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

FDB My bad 1 month 1 week ago #7

He was clearly athletic and skillful from the get go. He’s learned how to use his brain to complement that.

Put me in the unsurprised camp.
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Noddy My bad 1 month 1 week ago #8

He’s played 28 games and is now holding down our backline against much bigger and experienced opponents .....I reckon his brain was ok from the start he just needed to play a few AFL games.
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number 2 My bad 1 month 6 days ago #9

number 2
You have to remember some of these kids have only ever had Roly as a coach. Playing football is a whole new experience.

I thought Brayshaw showed poise in looking for the right option several times - not the panicking hot potato style we have had in the past.
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Docker by the Sea My bad 1 month 6 days ago #10

Docker by the Sea
Always liked him
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Raglan Matt My bad 1 month 6 days ago #11

Raglan Matt
I reckon Logue is the replacement for Grover, that we have been looking for. We will see the best of him when the 2 tall defenders are back in the side.
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gidgegary My bad 1 month 6 days ago #12

Logue's best game for the club yesterday. 3 Brownlow votes??? Not sure how others viewed the game and will be keen to see if he gets top votes from the Coaches. Looking every bit a #8 draft pick instead of a #88 pick. Brilliant effort.
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rogerrocks My bad 1 month 6 days ago #13

I just love that his opponents try and outbody him and come off second best.
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gidgegary said You Beaut

Morgan My bad 1 month 6 days ago #14

Last year I thought the template for Logue’s career was to be a more explosive Garrick Ibbotson; Ibbo played 177 games and made an AA squad, so a better version of Ibbo I thought was a good target.

Now I think perhaps he should be aiming to be Anthony Koutafides.

Either way, I think being off his foot has helped him in the weight room, but I’d be careful not to bulk him up too much because he’s already strong enough, and I’d like to see him get up and down the ground a bit if/when Pearce and Hamling come back.
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