TOPIC: Fyfe: Evil or Genius

Walter the baker Fyfe: Evil or Genius 1 week 6 hours ago #1

Walter the baker
You can't please all of the people all of the time:
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shane Fyfe: Evil or Genius 1 week 5 hours ago #2

People act like Malthouse is this thoughtful, intelligent football pundit but he's petty enough to hold a grudge against everything Fremantle and doesn't mind writing it down.

In Mick's head, a player of Fyfe's ability and character could never exist at a club like Fremantle, so Fyfe couldn't be that good or have that much character. He'd have to rearrange his view of the world and he won't do that at his age.

So he just projects his own idea of Nat Fyfe instead.

Retire, you sad old bastard.
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Tragic Fyfe: Evil or Genius 1 week 5 hours ago #3

Long after Trump is gone, I will remember Mick as being an archetypal dotard. Without people like Mick, obscure words could be lost to our language.
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Docker by the Sea Fyfe: Evil or Genius 1 week 4 hours ago #4

Docker by the Sea
I don’t understand the disdain many hold our superstars in. I’ve watched for years as our players are continually under rated. The only player that seems to have been able to rise above this, is Pav who is universally admired.
Leigh Matthews for years felt the need to chime in every time Sandilands threatened to gain the helm of best ruck man in the league. Throughout his career his achievements were repeatedly accompanied by people’s opinions on what his game lacked.
Ask just about every non Docker supporters view on Walters, and their first comment will be he stages. Duffield made the point about Dusty Martin recently that, as a forward/mid, over the last few years Walters numbers are better. Express this viewpoint publicly and see how quickly you get shouted down.
Fyfe is a superstar and anybody that doesn’t rate his ability to dominate and drag his team into a contest is delusional.
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Raglan Matt Fyfe: Evil or Genius 1 week 4 hours ago #5

Raglan Matt
The most interesting part in the entire article is that Malthouse got very few column inches, most of the article is showing why Malthouse is wrong. Let Malthouse speak, it just confirms 2 things. Firstly, that Fyfe is a great footballer (shown by the words spoken to his ability, compared to the words spoken against it) and secondly, that Mad Mick proves the media bias against Freo and our greats.
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Corporal Agarn, Burton said You Beaut

Walter the baker Fyfe: Evil or Genius 1 week 3 hours ago #6

Walter the baker
I get why Fyfe's "brand" may not be to everyone's liking (I would certainly be more comfortable with it if I had a comparable physique!!), I just wish he had won that thrid Brownlow just to elevate his on field achievements beyond this debate.
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Noddy Fyfe: Evil or Genius 1 week 2 hours ago #7

Malthouse about Fyfe...‘When the chips are down, I wouldn't rely on him.’

Words fail me.
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shane, shirtfront, Rhufus said You Beaut

pollyanna Fyfe: Evil or Genius 1 week 2 hours ago #8

In my opinion, this pointless argument is nothing more than a jostling around for someone in the media to fill the Alan Jones outrage hole. I thought Eddie was winning out, Kane was fighting hard, but now Mick is sneaking up the inside.

It's going to be tough turning public opinion around Fyfe - honestly, is there anyone in this country that doesn't love the guy?
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shirtfront, Matebe said You Beaut

hypen Fyfe: Evil or Genius 1 week 1 hour ago #9

Nat Fyfe is so good he now attracts articles questioning if he is that good.
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DocDocker said You Beaut

Morgan Fyfe: Evil or Genius 1 week 27 minutes ago #10

I think the observations and criticisms of Fyfe in that article are fair. He is an unreliable set shot at goal. His defensive efforts are often a bit rubbish. He’s not falsely modest, which rubs older people up the wrong way. If I were to rank all Freo players based a gut-feel for who would be the worst hub roommate, I would have him in the top 3 with Blakely (he looks like he’d be messy) and Conca (he seems like he’d always be up to something).

But when you weigh those minor (and in my case baseless) criticisms against all his admirable attributes and qualities, it’s impossible to conclude anything other than he’s a champion.

Mick’s just blurted out the analyst version of ‘get off my lawn’ then tried to justify it on football grounds. It makes him look a bit silly.
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rogerrocks, Rhufus said You Beaut

Quasimodo Fyfe: Evil or Genius 1 week 20 minutes ago #11

Crikey that journo hates Jordan almost as much as mad Mick hates Fyfe.

You can prove anything using selective statistics.

Fyfe is a ball winner you don’t waste that having him chase guys, he chases the ball. Ok some of his goal kicking has been poor but if you look at goal accuracy it is lower. Why? Gut running and fatigue.

Matthews never won a Brownlow because he regularly got reported. Ask Neville Bruns how fair he was.
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Matebe, Noddy, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Matebe Fyfe: Evil or Genius 6 days 23 hours ago #12

What is it about these old farts with failed, outdated game plans and their comments in the media these days?
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Burton said You Beaut

shane Fyfe: Evil or Genius 6 days 23 hours ago #13

The AFL pension fund is one of the best in the world.
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pollyanna Fyfe: Evil or Genius 6 days 23 hours ago #14

I've never asked myself 'could Fyfe do more defensively?', it's never even crossed my mind. Thing is, I still don't think about it.
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