Noddy V Suns 6 months 3 weeks ago #57

When Young and Serong with three games between them each get more possessions than many more experienced players you’ve got a problem. If that doesn’t motivate the senior players when the team review the game I don’t know what would.

Next week bring in McCarthy and let him and Hogan get their hands dirty in the middle.
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Raglan Matt V Suns 6 months 3 weeks ago #58

Raglan Matt
Play Cammac in the guts & chuck Hogan to CHB? Bring in Meek if Darcy's not fit and play Lobb forward. Rove to a losing ruck. It seems to work for a lot of other teams.

Although I can see the AFFL fining teams for not allowing their ruckman to put in an effort to win the contest. They will add Fin Powrie and John "The Sherriff" Shreck to the Match Review Panel to ensure all ruckmen compete honestly at ruck contests.
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Bizkit V Suns 6 months 3 weeks ago #59

Ruckman are allowed to take the ball out of the ruck knock and not get pinged for holding the ball anymore. Grundy and Goldstein have been doing this a lot so far this season against weak ruckman and just throwing it on the boot forward.

Conceding the ruck is likely a losing move and will kill us in the clearances. Witts manhandled Lobb a bit on the weekend which contributed greatly to our loss and lack of clearances from stoppages.
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