TOPIC: Freo v Port

pollyanna Freo v Port 1 month 3 weeks ago #57

Don't ask me for an opinion on that bloke.
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Bizkit said You Beaut

Blue1red1 Freo v Port 1 month 3 weeks ago #58

Are you a bit Punch drunk on the subject Polly?
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Morgan Freo v Port 1 month 3 weeks ago #59

I had a quick search for 'Dawson' and 'limited' and after it returned 50,000 posts I narrowed by my name, and that got it down to about 49,000, so I clicked a few at random and found this one which mirrors both my memory of my argument about Dawson and Hypen's unimpressed response, and I randomly found this one from 2016 where I express a lack of confidence in Lyon's ability to rebuild a game plan and list.

I don't know why it took you guys so long to come to the same conclusion.
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cletus said You Beaut

Blue1red1 Freo v Port 1 month 3 weeks ago #60

Covid Isolation has been hard on you Morgan, I get it! Good news is the Pubs are now open - Go you good thing!
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Morgan, pollyanna said You Beaut

cletus Freo v Port 1 month 3 weeks ago #61

This might help you out Morgan...

IF, you look at all the stats of every Fremantle player's that have ever played for the club, AND, you rank them on the basis of the category "1%'s - (average per game)", THEN, you will find, that, for all the players that have played ABOVE 63 games, T. Fist is 'The Best' !!

He averaged 7.44/ game and only Joel Hamling is above him..(.but he has only played 62 games.)

Now. I wanna know what a 1% is???.....because I thought it was an entirely different thing as to what it evidently is.

I never knew that "1%-ers" were 1m handballs to team-mates under pressure, or, punching the ball when One could have easily marked it, or, completely stuffing up the kick if One made the rare choice to actually kick

Anyhow, T. Fist is the 'GOAT at 1%'-ers' for us, and well...., the stats prove that he was well worth his game, and that we couldn't have done without him.!

( Zac's eternal credit, he did -at least, and , in my view - play 'his role' very well. I just wish the definition of 'his role' was a little more expansive for all of his 89 games for us...)
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut