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Svenny Membership Refunds 16 hours 59 minutes ago #99

Getting back on topic, with regard to exceed and Dockermus’s last posts..

If disaffected with the published membership options, try speaking with the club directly.

AFL clubs are intentionally trying to shock their respective member base with tough (although differing) options, but will compromise with their supporters / barrackers / account holders / client IDs / seat tenants / internees / long-suffering, rusted-on nut jobs … if they ask nicely.

The official options the Sydney Swans, for example, offered their members are way stinkier than those given to Fremantle members – no tax deductions or display homes for me, you jammy bunch of purple b*astards – but one phone call later, full credit given for 2021, no catches, no punch-ups, no worries. (Should’ve asked for a fully-stocked bar-fridge too, in hindsight.)

Mates in Victoria tell me similar happenings going on south of the border.

Which begs the question, did the AFL offer clubs any leadership or guidelines regarding membership issues caused by Lockdown 2020? Obv's some clubs have less of the filthy lucre to play with than others, so it’s a bit malodorous if HQ left them alone to noodle all this out by themselves.
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Noddy Membership Refunds 16 hours 51 minutes ago #100

About time ‘ malodorous’ made an appearance on this site!
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