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jcalb Harbour Masters 2 4 days 1 hour ago #1

Any love for the idea that Freo should do a Harbour Master Mk2. $5K or $10K and you get 10 years GF tickets whether Freo are playing or not, sit in the coaches box for a game, Pav comes over to cook a BBQ at your house, access to best seating in the house for 10 years, ball cap, scarf, seat on the board, President for a week, Get 50 or 100 members with some coin and that is substantial money. That keeps some people in a job at Freo for the foreseeable future.
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shane Harbour Masters 2 4 days 1 hour ago #2

You get to be in charge of the master volume knob for a game.
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Matebe Harbour Masters 2 4 days 46 minutes ago #3

What would keep people in jobs at football clubs is if players and high ranking officials around the league took a permanent 50% pay cut. Most of these would still be earning a couple hundred thousand more than the poor people in the Centrelink queues snaking around corners all over the country.

Wake up AFL and accept the new reality going forward.
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Walter the baker Harbour Masters 2 3 days 19 hours ago #4

Walter the baker
Agree Matebe
It’s hard to understand how someone can continue to collect 3/4/500k while your loyal employees get marched out the door. Then again Alan Joyce is still pulling in over $15mil and they have just laid off thousands. It’s a twisted world we live in.
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Mushroom Harbour Masters 2 3 days 19 hours ago #5

Only if the ball cap is natural fibres. My synthetic ones do itch ever so.
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Davo Harbour Masters 2 3 days 15 hours ago #6

Alan Joyce is not getting paid at all, like McLaughlin. Just saying.
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Walter the baker Harbour Masters 2 3 days 9 hours ago #7

Walter the baker
Thanks Davo. I’m very happy to be corrected if that is the case. Hopefully it sets an example for others who can afford it.
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