TOPIC: Season Over?

Rusted On Season Over? 5 days 1 hour ago #57

Rusted On
Seems to me that you paid for membership plus seating for 11 games, most of us anyway.
You are still a member of Freo, so you shouldn't get that back. However, the component price you paid for the seating should at a minimum be credited or refunded.
I'm OK with a credit for next year, but everyone's circumstances are different and a lot of good people have lost their jobs and have no income for the forseeable future.
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Morgan said You Beaut

Stacksonthemill Season Over? 5 days 1 hour ago #58

Perhaps they could deliver your allocated seat to your home for use during what would have been the footy season. It needs to be done before the WC get on to it.
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Morgan Season Over? 5 days 1 hour ago #59

I agree Rusted On. Freo should keep the membership component, and for the seat rental component give members the option to either be refunded, receive a credit next season, or donate the money.

For those who 'donate' their seat rental money, make them a Harbour Master or something. It seems like the primary benefit of being a Harbour Master is to be able to lord it over everyone at the drop of a hat, so it seems like it would be a win for everyone (except for those who now have to put up with four times as many Harbour Masters).

Morgan (future insufferable Harbour Master).
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Rhufus said You Beaut

Matebe Season Over? 5 days 1 hour ago #60

Ok that's fair. So using the formula Ticketmaster used under the club's member seat return program, and the price they onsold the seat for, they owe me $75 x 11 = $825 for my $349 membership.
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shane, pollyanna said You Beaut

TheColonel Season Over? 5 days 1 hour ago #61

Sounds like a bottom of the harbour scheme to me Matebe.
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pollyanna Season Over? 5 days 57 minutes ago #62

Don't forget to factor in the Transperth component.
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Matebe Season Over? 5 days 53 minutes ago #63

I'm happy to waive that, and the $5.95 booking fee per game.
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