TOPIC: The Renewal

Matebe The Renewal 3 weeks 5 days ago #1

My membership and optimism has been renewed. For the first time in recent memory it genuinely felt like I was paying a renewal notice rather than an infringement notice. Go Freo in 2020.
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Mushroom, The_Yeti, hypen, pollyanna said You Beaut

shane The Renewal 3 weeks 4 days ago #2

I was wrong. He's a bloody good salesman.
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DS said You Beaut

Matebe The Renewal 3 weeks 4 days ago #3

Things have been that bad in recent years my renewal notices started arriving in yellow OHMS envelopes.
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pollyanna The Renewal 3 weeks 4 days ago #4

Yes, it was like getting a football tax owing invoice.
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hypen The Renewal 3 weeks 4 days ago #5

I'm with Matebe on this one, this time it wasn't done under obligation. I am just looking forward to going to the football and not being so dam frustrated all the time at how they are approaching the game.
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maynefan said You Beaut