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shane LeCra(p) Ass Coach 1 month 6 hours ago #113

I gather you didn't read the article about nepotism in Hollywood then.

This 'tribal' stuff you're on about is just another way of saying that the system is rigged in favour of the incumbents. It's no different from dumb rich kids getting into expensive schools or the legal and financial professions promoting insiders or the Liberal Party or board rooms around the country or anywhere else that has a long history of institutional discrimination. It's only been when people confront the problem and force change that it's been corrected.

The AFL at the moment is a text book case for institutional bias. It's riddled with white kids who look the same and talk the same and act the same, unless you're outstandingly talented . The reason we have that is because everyone hired was also like that, and they've all got a pretty good opinion of themselves so they've decided that their background and experience is the ideal background and experience.

The result, contrary to your concerns about opening the flood gates to the different, is a league of mono-cultural interchangeable franchise footballers and it brings less entertaining football.
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Mission Man LeCra(p) Ass Coach 1 month 6 hours ago #114

Mission Man
That has happened because the influx of big dollars and a pretence at professionalism has meant risk-averse actions by frightened people who have swallowed completely the groupthink of corporate hogwashery.

Every bloke who wanders out of the AFL-accredited coaching courses speaks EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.

They all talk like junior executives who just drank all the corporate koolaid at the company conference.

You're arguing my argument for me, Shopper.
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Mission Man LeCra(p) Ass Coach 1 month 5 hours ago #115

Mission Man
Indigenous folk make up 2.5% of the Australian population but 10% of the AFL player population.

I realise that means there are 90% non-indigenous but let's accept that a 4-fold increase in comparative representation is pretty impressive.

Please don't say that there is no room in the AFL version of the great game for blackfellas. That's BS.
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jezzaargh said You Beaut

shane LeCra(p) Ass Coach 1 month 5 hours ago #116

It's happened because they gave the job to their mate who looked like them and talked like them.
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Mission Man LeCra(p) Ass Coach 1 month 5 hours ago #117

Mission Man
That being, "a footballer."
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rogerrocks, jezzaargh said You Beaut

Freo66 LeCra(p) Ass Coach 1 month 4 hours ago #118

How on earth can Switowski compile a report on the Bombers whilst playing with us.

Kids have too much time on their hands with this fandangled electronic stuff these days.

Anyway, glad you two have stopped fighting.
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DS, shane, DJKL, expat, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Raglan Matt LeCra(p) Ass Coach 1 month 4 hours ago #119

Raglan Matt
CA, getting back to post #100, I reckon Webb did a very good job of skills acquisition. He must have acquired the skills of most of Freo's list over the last few years, there is no other rational explanation of what happened to said skills after these players joined Freo.
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The_Yeti, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

The_Yeti LeCra(p) Ass Coach 1 month 3 hours ago #120

Yeah MM but what happens to the indigenous footballers when their playing days are over?

How many get massive salaries and parking bay at AFL House? Or at one of the clubs? Not too bloody many.

Shane is on point here. There is a sameness because the guys making the decisions are picking guys just like them. A little more diversity might prove to be a problem for them because then their narrow cliques might start to lose their grip on power and then where would we be?

We might end up with integrity creeping in to the AFL and god knows what will happen after that.
Egurls Suck!
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Raglan Matt LeCra(p) Ass Coach 1 month 3 hours ago #121

Raglan Matt
Why isn't Roger Hayden given a crack at a coaching or senior assistant role?
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Blue1red1, rogerrocks said You Beaut

rogerrocks LeCra(p) Ass Coach 4 weeks 1 day ago #122

The problem with selecting outsiders is that it is very hit and miss. You'll get people who are slick in an interview and have great Powerpoint slides. But how does that pan out when they are actually doing the job? I know that you can look at places where they have worked, and talk to the people they have worked with and build up a fairly good picture of them. But its still a raffle. We all know people who are useless but are talked up by those around them for selfish reasons.

The difference with the blokes you played with and against over several years is that you get to see these guys at their best and their worst. When you talk to others about them, you know those people, and you know the extent to which you value their opinion. Therefore when choosing someone you know, you are less likely to make a mistake. Having said that, if you just want yes-men, then you'll get what you want - but to the detriment of the organisation.

So I reckon looking outside of football is risky, but with potential rewards if you get it right. I'd favour recruiting that was a mix of tried and true footballers who know the industry inside out and talented outsiders with a proven record of getting results. A bit like choosing players really - some flashy ones who may or may not work out (the Wiz, or Josh Simpson), and some solid dependable types who you know will give their all while never being superstars (McManus/Grover types).
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Drubbing LeCra(p) Ass Coach 4 weeks 1 day ago #123

It's bloody hard to avoid any sort of nepotism in football, when the pool of experienced candidates to draw from is so small. Skill guru outsiders from other sports have sucked donkeys thingos.

Instead of stating why the coaching circuit seems to be full of white blokes and their mates, maybe ask why so many retiring indigenous players have no interest in getting in that game?
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mac LeCra(p) Ass Coach 4 weeks 1 day ago #124

I am looking forward to the exciting great unknown group of coach's and players 2020.
With Lyon gone and his Cobbler ( baggage ) gone it's about personal improvement.
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Raglan Matt LeCra(p) Ass Coach 4 weeks 1 day ago #125

Raglan Matt
Drubbing it could be that they already know that as tough as it was for them as a player, it is going to be a lot tougher as a coach. Fellas who think outside the square are not exactly welcomed into the fold of coaching these days, add in a bit of casual racism, and is it really worth what it will put you and your family through?

Josh Simpson was mentioned earlier in the thread, what happened to him is a result of that casual racism, combined with the 1 size fits all approach of todays administration. The ideal for some coaches is a squad of 6' 4" big bodied midfielders, chasing the footy from 1 end of the ground to the other. They should go and coach rugby or soccer and leave footy to the people who understand that the diversity of the game is the attraction of the game, both in player types and tactics and strategies.

It seems to me the more qualified coaches get the more they fit into the mould, rather than finding their own way in the game, witness the desire to copy the tactics of the latest premiership coach, rather than find a new style to beat that coach.
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Sox LeCra(p) Ass Coach 4 weeks 1 day ago #126

That’s a good read. Makes you wonder. Makes me sad. With Belly “getting the band back together” it’s curious that Troy Cook, Antoni Grover, Des Headland and Michael Johnson didn’t get a look in on the coaching panel. Even WITH nepotism it’s hard for some to get a gig.
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