demo1 FIXtures 3 weeks 5 hours ago #1

What a kick in the guts - No Thurs or Friday Night games puts us in the Gold Coast class..
Mostly Boring Sunday arvo games.
The worst decison is with Anzac Day falling on a Saturday and there being 4 games, AFL decided to let us "host" our marvellous len Hall Game on the Sunday night...Boooooo
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shane FIXtures 3 weeks 5 hours ago #2

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Freo66 said You Beaut

goodie FIXtures 3 weeks 5 hours ago #3

Yep, crap fixtures again. Hate Sunday games, especially the late afternoon games.
Still, it’s what happens when the club continues to play such unattractive footy. Hopefully it changes in 2020.
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shane FIXtures 3 weeks 5 hours ago #4

In their defence, you couldn't pay people to watch us.
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teasea FIXtures 3 weeks 5 hours ago #5

I feel for the country fans with all the Sunday arvo games again. I know we were bad but 5 teams finished below us.
Egls and us both go to tassie and qld (different areas) but we go to Syd and Adelaide twice, they only go to ADE once and they go to MCG 3 times us only once. Hopefully the teams we play twice don’t suddenly do well this year.
Sorry with it peeing down here in Kelmscott hills I just feel down and wanted some upside to the day.
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number 2 FIXtures 3 weeks 5 hours ago #6

number 2
I struggle.
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exceed FIXtures 3 weeks 4 hours ago #7

Hopefully we won’t gift the eagles an extra 2 byes when we play them next year
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KELA FIXtures 3 weeks 4 hours ago #8

Pretty happy with the fixtures from a purely selfish point of view. By my count 5 Saturdays and the ANZAC Sunday being a long weekend is pretty solid. I hate Thursday and Friday games as it's hard to get to and properly enjoy yourself before the game.
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Quasimodo FIXtures 3 weeks 4 hours ago #9

I find it hard to get to Friday night or Thursday night games due to work. I prefer Saturday afternoon or evening games as I can then kick on after. I am not a fan of Sunday arvo games especially with a 320 start as it means I have to head home straight after the game.

Our viewing figures aren't great and the last few years we have played a very unattractive style of football so I Im not surprised we dont have marque games.

we have always traveled, thats the lot of WA teams so we just have to get good enough we win regardless.

I just want us to

i be competitive in our games
ii play an attractive attacking style of football
iii keep our players fit and healthy
iv win more games than we lose

Lets hope JLO and the team can deliver my wishes next year and build on them.

Im signed up and rusted on but the patience is wearing thin.
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goodie said You Beaut

teasea FIXtures 3 weeks 4 hours ago #10

Blimey now hail and thunder but i’ve Found an upside to my day - egls play Rich/Coll/Cats twice and of course us and Port.
We have egls/bullies/sk/melb/suns - fingers crossed
I too have committed for my 25th year
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Quasimodo said You Beaut

KELA FIXtures 3 weeks 4 hours ago #11

Upon closure inspection and comparison with the Toast fixtures, ours are much more spectator friendly. We have 5 Saturdays plus the Sunday on a long weekend, Toast have 4 Saturdays. We have same amount of Sunday games plus they have the hassle of having to get to a Thursday and 2 Fridays. The floating round 23 fixture v the Tigers you would imagine would be a Saturday.
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Quasimodo FIXtures 3 weeks 4 hours ago #12


the round 23 fixture vs Richmond will on Friday night at Optus and marketed as a BLOCKBUSTER as we beat them to take top spot and knock them out of the top 4.

jezza has hacked my account.
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KELA, expat, teasea said You Beaut

KELA FIXtures 3 weeks 4 hours ago #13

If that's the case I will happily take the Friday off and thoroughly enjoy a Friday night game!
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Bizkit FIXtures 3 weeks 3 hours ago #14

I'm happy with Sunday games, there's too much local sport on a Sat which means I can often end up missing our match and watch a replay instead. It may not be great for our marketing department but I'm happy if I can make it to the game.
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