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cletus The Talls.... 4 weeks 1 day ago #1

Is there any news on the progress of Tabs', Hoges and Lobbes injuries?.....or is it all just 'holiday time' at the moment.??

I'm presuming they are all tracking to be fit for Rd1, and, so, ....we get back to the problem 'How do we fit a these fellows + Hodor + Cox & Mcarthy into a team. Then theres Dixon..!

I was a bit surprised one of the latter 2, or, Tabs, didn't feature in trade conversation, so I'm presuming they are all viewed as 'required' players, and, ideally, all in the same team.

So how do we fit 'em all in, or, do at least 3 of 'em play at Peel each week waiting for the inevitable breakdowns to occur??.
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Raglan Matt The Talls.... 4 weeks 1 day ago #2

Raglan Matt
The biggest problem with your "do 3 of them play at Peel until the inevitable breakdowns occur" theory, Clete, is that the breakdowns may not be inevitable in future seasons.
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cletus The Talls.... 4 weeks 1 day ago #3

Yeah...guess so RM....It certainly would help if they aren't running 15km a match.

Even if one of them could "do a Lynch" and not leave the 50m arc, it'd have to help...

But that would never work, would it?....
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Gumnut The Talls.... 4 weeks 1 day ago #4

I think JLo wants to have a good look at what each of our talls, including Lloyd Meek, have to offer next season and next years trade period may be a bit more active as we make way for next years draft and the academy talent on offer. We may get some surprises as some players may respond better to JLo's coaching style and game plan than others.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

OGS The Talls.... 4 weeks 19 hours ago #5

should have traded cam mac to suns for first round pick (they dont have a FF)
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purple kit The Talls.... 4 weeks 18 hours ago #6

purple kit
I’m tipping Cam Mac to be a big improver playing with an actual game plan that doesn’t include a long bomb to the biggest pack of players you can see.
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Docker by the Sea The Talls.... 4 weeks 17 hours ago #7

Docker by the Sea
OGS we’ve had Cam Mac for a cede years and the majority of that time we haven’t had a full forward, and when we have had one it wasn’t him
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Raglan Matt The Talls.... 4 weeks 9 hours ago #8

Raglan Matt
I'm picking Lobb to be full forward, and Longmuir to give Cammac a good run in his natural position, a roving forward from the pocket.
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