OGS AFLW DRAFT 4 weeks 1 day ago #1

Congrats to all the girls selected to play for us this year, they seem to have plenty of character about them
Cant wait till the first women`s derby early next year (optus ?) and hope we can absolutely flog the slime
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Bizkit, DougGreen, expat said You Beaut

pollyanna AFLW DRAFT 4 weeks 1 day ago #2

Agreed - and if Hooker wasn't Jordo's mate I would add that I hope Bowers does some serious stuff on her. But I won't say that - hi Jordo, hope all is well, rock on (etc).
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Bizkit said You Beaut

heycharger AFLW DRAFT 4 weeks 13 hours ago #3

Roxy Roux - with a name like that she's got 'cult hero' written all over her. She had a great season of WAFLW with East Frem I believe.

Here's one for the stats boffins and historians of the game. We need David King to trawl though Champion Data and see if there's ever been an Australian Rules Footy player who has an 'X' in both first name and surname.
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Raglan Matt AFLW DRAFT 4 weeks 10 hours ago #4

Raglan Matt
Hopefully it is a 24/7 job that lasts him 10 years, give us a rest.
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FDB AFLW DRAFT 4 weeks 7 hours ago #5

Or a player named after a nightclub and a sauce base.
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OGS AFLW DRAFT 3 weeks 6 days ago #6

Got to love the passion and excitement from that lass O`Driscol , hope she tags Dana Hooker
Her family are slime supporters but is adamant she will convert them
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expat said You Beaut