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Sox The Kids 1 month 22 hours ago #1

With the draft now a month away My thoughts turned to our current batch of youngsters. The kids that will have a big say on Freo’s fortunes in the coming 5-10 years.
Here’s what we’ve got in ascending age order.
Born in 2000:
Born in 1999:
Born in 1998:

Looking at that batch, there’ve been a couple of decent success in Brayshaw and Darcy who are champions in the making if a little luck falls their way.
In Banfield, Cera, Cox, Logue and Duman we have players who all agree can play a role, some think will be superstars if played right and some are suspect on.
Of the rest we haven’t really seen enough to know, though some are ready to let Meek move on.
Sturt, Valente and Carter are kids who have been touted as potential (some would say “almost certain”) future superstars. But then, so many young players are.
For those of you who have seen these guys more in the WAFL or as underagers, what’s your take on these kids?

Just from a list-profile point-of-view, I thought I’d break them down by position as well.
Of 16 players there, I have them position-wise as:
KPF: O’Reilly, Dixon
HF: Sturt, Cox(swing)
Inside: Valente, Brayshaw, Banfield, Crowden?
Outside: Cera, Carter, Giro
Ruck: Darcy, Meek
HB: North, Duman
KPB: Logue

In terms of experience, Name(games played):
Cera (41)
Brayshaw (39)
Cox (34)
Banfield (27)
Darcy (26)
Duman (24)
Logue (23)
Crowden (14)
Giro (10)
Carter (2)
Dixon (1)
The rest are yet to debut

That’s 241 games of experience all up. Roughly 15 games each for this crop of 16 players.
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Gumnut The Kids 1 month 22 hours ago #2

It's hard to believe Darcy has only 26 games under his belt and has already taken on and beaten long established AFL ruckmen including All Australian Paddy Ryder and premiership ruck Scott Lycett. We have a genuine talent here and I'm looking forward to years of cheering on Hodor in the purple.
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Corporal Agarn The Kids 1 month 21 hours ago #3

Corporal Agarn
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Peejay The Kids 1 month 21 hours ago #4

I am not convinced on a few of the kids in the list. Not enough of a sample size to know about O’Reilly. Sturt and Valente have a lot of hype and am hoping they show some promise next year without the injuries. Carter, Banfield, Crowden and Duman and North show promise but I’m not convinced they will be more than depth or role players. I’d love to see Cox have a run down back as I don’t think he can make it as a genuine forward. I like Giro if he can improve his disposal as he appears a natural footballer, as well as Dixon who I thought showed promise in his AFL debut. Brayshaw, Cera and Darcy have potential Star power but fear the latter two will return to Victoria in the near future. Logue will hold down a defence post for the next decade while Meek is on the list for depth and I don’t think there will be much improvement.
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Red Rooster The Kids 1 month 19 hours ago #5

Red Rooster
Cox looked good early in the season and is developing well.Crowden played some football to go with his tackling.Banfield works hard and players like that always come good and Dixon and Carter demonstrated that they can play at AFL level.A good crop of young players,looking forward to 2020.
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pollyanna The Kids 1 month 18 hours ago #6

A new coach will make a world of difference to these players - carpe diem to the lot.
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