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purplepower Fremantle Trade News 6 days 17 hours ago #281

So does that mean that pick 22 is going to be enough to draft Hanry even if he gets picked before our pick 10 ??
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bozza Fremantle Trade News 6 days 17 hours ago #282

We need to to use 10 if a bid comes before that pick. I’m hoping we can live trade 10 for a future first round as a contingency plan.
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Detox Fremantle Trade News 6 days 17 hours ago #283

I didn't even think of that Bozza. I don't think anyone has done that before. Hmmm Interesting
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bozza Fremantle Trade News 6 days 17 hours ago #284

Yeah Detox I’m not sure if it’s within the rules but if it is that would have to be the plan. If a bid comes for Henry at 9 or prior we trade pick 10 for a future first rounder. Have a few clubs lined up prior to draft night and hope one of them has a player they want at 10 and we could do the deal. Win win. We keep a early first rounder be it for the following year and use 22 and some change to get Henry.
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expat Fremantle Trade News 6 days 16 hours ago #285

For what we started off with and what we ended up with given the fact that two of our players were leaving regardless, I think Belly did an exceptional job at the Trade desk regardless of what those [email protected] at the Herald Sun think... who do they think they are giving us a C rating... tossers.
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dddocker Fremantle Trade News 6 days 16 hours ago #286

Freo has done well in this trade period in my view.
We lost two wingman, we gain two wingman. I think Acres or Aish are both one to one as good as if not better than Langdon. I know Hill is a difficult player to replace one to one but we also got pick 10 and 58 (remember Neale was 54 when we got him) as part of the Hill deal. In addition we have pick 22 from Melbourne. It's not all doom and gloom as some would make out.
What we have to hope is that we get full seasons next year from our forward and back assets. Let's hope Hogan, Lobb, Tabs and Brennan can come back fit up forward and Pearce, Ryan, S.Hill and Wilson do the same down back. If they do we'll do OK in 2020. We need further improvement in S. Darcy and for him to stay fit.
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purple kit Fremantle Trade News 6 days 16 hours ago #287

purple kit
Not sure that would work bozza, if a bid came before 10 and we traded it away, we wouldn’t have the points to match it, this would result in a points deficit that would be deducted from our next years first round pick, pushing it down the order.
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winteriscoming Fremantle Trade News 6 days 16 hours ago #288

not sold on Jackson being the priority, would be keen to trade 7 for two picks in the top 20 say Cats 14 and 17 or Gold Coast 15 and 20 get 4 kids under 22
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bozza Fremantle Trade News 6 days 16 hours ago #289

Purple Kit could it work with points if we picked up a pick or 2 in this draft plus a future first ? Say a third and forth round plus a future first.
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Gumnut Fremantle Trade News 6 days 15 hours ago #290

Apparently Draft picks can be traded right through to Draft night so I would expect to see some more shuffling of picks in the next month.
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Eventually Fremantle Trade News 6 days 3 hours ago #291

I think this trading period has been another outstanding result for Freo. I really like the look of both Aish and Acres, they both bring strength and poise to our team and Acres particularly a very strong body. I do think we can cover the loss of Hill through better ball movement and better confidence in team mates after all how many times did Hill get the ball because the players around him had no idea what to do with it so " get it to Hill" became the way to go.
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Corporal Agarn Fremantle Trade News 5 days 15 hours ago #292

Corporal Agarn
In limbo: There was some interest from Fremantle in Connor Menadue (pictured), who could still land at the Dockers as a delisted free agent.

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Straddo Fremantle Trade News 5 days 14 hours ago #293

It's been 12 months since we recruited an underperforming (so far) forward. You'd have to think we'd be looking at Townsend as well.

We'll be the Richmond seconds side in no time and it might help Peel win another flag.
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timmeh Fremantle Trade News 5 days 13 hours ago #294

I was trying to make sense of whaqt Bozza was saying and then remembered that Sydney pulled this stunt last year with West Coast, trading out of the 2nd round momentarily to avoid using their pick in the 20s for blakey.. then trading back in.

Would be interesting If Freo attempted to do this, only thing is our later picks won't be enough points for henry
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