Walter the baker “A” FL 2 months 3 days ago #1

Walter the baker
Shirley this cant be right given that the AFL is a national competition?
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CaptSnooze said You Beaut

Svenny “A” FL 2 months 3 days ago #2

There's a paywall now on The Worst? How long's that been going on? More importantly, who's coughing up actual coin for it?
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pollyanna “A” FL 2 months 3 days ago #3

Walter does, but where have ya been for the past year?
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Svenny “A” FL 2 months 2 days ago #4

Getting a haircut. What did I miss?
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pollyanna said You Beaut

Raglan Matt “A” FL 2 months 2 days ago #5

Raglan Matt
Getting your fringe shortened by 6 inches, and your ears lowered???
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expat “A” FL 2 months 1 day ago #6

Some are lucky to have 6 inches...
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DS “A” FL 2 months 1 day ago #7

Are we still talking about haircuts?
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CaptSnooze, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Snail “A” FL 2 months 1 day ago #8

Mick is a straight shooter from Collie so he's stating the bleeding obvious re: A(V)FL and it's spending priorities, however, we still have the WAFC which needs to be disbanded/neutered/nuked before we can kick the VFL in the goolies!
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