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TOPIC: Clarkson

pollyanna Clarkson 9 months 2 weeks ago #15

Hang onto your children too then - Clarko is bound to start swinging at people walking on the bridge after a loss.
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Noddy Clarkson 9 months 2 weeks ago #16

He would find coaching Freo a vastly different proposition to coaching a Melbourne based club. Having said that, although he likes punching things. he knows how to get the best out of footy players. Whether we’ve got the list to achieve much is the unknown, there are a few gaps.
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cookie Clarkson 9 months 2 weeks ago #17

Gaps schmaps. More like chasms
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Freo66 Clarkson 9 months 2 weeks ago #18

Jlo out to $ 1.85
Clarko into $ 5.00
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LongSufrin, pollyanna said You Beaut

Snail Clarkson 9 months 2 weeks ago #19

Does Clarko like cobbling....there's been a fair bit of it going on at Freo lately. Maybe tweek up footy skills ( Clarko is good at that apparently ) whilst cobbling would ensure an even balanced approach....we might win more that 12 in a season!!
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CaptSnooze said You Beaut

heycharger Clarkson 9 months 2 weeks ago #20

Freo seem to be obsessed with taking ex-Hawks cast-offs hoping they'll sprinkle some of the three-peat gold-dust onto our club. David Hale and now Al... er... hang on... er - really?

But Clarko would have to be subjected to some sort of humiliating and occult-like ritual before we could possibly accept him into the club. He would need to make a grovelling public 'sorry' statement for the 2013 Grand Final which rivalled Kevin Rudd's. Maybe if he got a large tattoo of a purple anchor that might help.
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Eggy Clarkson 9 months 2 weeks ago #21

Clarkson is a railway station in the northern suburbs. It has ad much chance of coming to Fremantle as the other Clarkson.
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fourthump, DocDocker, pollyanna, DJKL, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Mushroom Clarkson 9 months 2 weeks ago #22

If he can turn Birds of Tokyo, he's got my vote.

I am still haunted every superannuation ad or commercial radio flick-past or Garden Centre audio cast at Bunnings by the mental image of that bastard wearing a Hawthorn scarf on a certain overcast September afternoon in 2013.

Lanterns. Oh My F-ing doG!
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purple mao said You Beaut

expat Clarkson 9 months 2 weeks ago #23

Is there anything stopping him from coaching 2 teams at once?
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blockerhall said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Clarkson 9 months 2 weeks ago #24

Raglan Matt
Not his ego, that's for sure.
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DocDocker, Quasimodo, ChilliEater, expat said You Beaut
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