TOPIC: The new powerhouse.

shane The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #15

You're the person I get stuck behind at the bakery.
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Flag_2005 said You Beaut

pollyanna The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #16

The local media went after RoLy three years too late and bought into every pineapple that Steve was selling them as an orange. Belly never opened the door for anyone, he stayed on message. From seat renter to account number to rusted-on idiot to WC troll, make no mistake the Fremantle supporters gave both those Steve creeps the creeps. I wouldn't let either within a mile of any little tackers, the Wildcats bloke, no problem.

I've never heard any other club President or CEO refer to it's membership as seat renters.
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Bizkit said You Beaut

hypen The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #17

It's over.

Speaking of powerhouses.........that mighty red V it stands for victory.
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cletus, Derby12, Gerovich, Suker said You Beaut

Raglan Matt The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #18

Raglan Matt
Just because the journo took the wrong road to get to his conclusions, doesn't make his conclusion any less valid. The admin and Lyon treated the media like fools, and in most cases they deserved it. BUT, what the club has not done , is identify some Freo friendly media and cultivate that relationship to get messages across. Whether this was intentional or because the Steves & Lyon lived in a fools paradise makes no difference. I would guess that most if not all other clubs have their goto media for anything they want to present their side of the story on. Freo have Lyon's press conferences and Steves twitter, plus email & facebook. What we want to see is Stories on the tribunal inconsistency, treatment of Fyfe, Walters being vilified by commentators and the like to put the point across that the club supports the players and supporters.

As for using the club and players to entice supporters, the point about players mixing with supporters as they went about their lives between Freo Oval and South Terrace may not seem like much to the Steves and Lyon, but it means the world to the kids and older supporters to have a chat and get autographs. It also keeps the players in touch with what is happening in the real world. A big percentage of Freo supporters were against moving away from Freo for that very reason, but were ignored. No wonder we feel disconnected. A big number of supporters were disheartened by the style of footy being played by Freo, but they were ignored, No wonder we feel disconnected. Nothing was done until the very financial threat of a big fall in membership numbers was touted on supporter sites like D/L, it is almost too late, but I'm not sure the club admin can see that even now.
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Mercury, rogerrocks, Down on down said You Beaut

jas The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #19

Going back a few years ago (pretty sure it was 07/08 or so) I coached our school's girls footy team, and FFC put on a girls training clinic, so I signed us up. I warned the girls not to expect too many of the name players running the clinic, as I figured it would be the fringe players and rookies. When we got there, the whole squad was there, and Pav talked to all the girls as a group first. All the clinic stations had good players at them. I remember Sandi and Kepler running ruck drills, Lukey Mac and Antoni Grover doing some defence drills, and Crowley doing goal kicking (no tagging tips yet). The kids absolutely loved it (even the Eagles fans amongst them), and the fact that Freo were doing something for girls footy (and WCE were not) gave me a bit of pride in the club. I remember that at least one of them was during a pretty bad losing streak, but all the players gave off the vibe that they actually wanted to be there, and were enjoying it, rather than just ticking the community service box. I recall they stopped doing it after a few years (hmmm...). That is the sort of stuff they need to do if they want to 'reconnect with the fan base'. Perhaps they could try being more of a 'football club' than a football organisation?
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docked, Mercury, Bizkit, expat, Raglan Matt, Corporal Agarn, Eggy, Marlz10, Enzo said You Beaut

pollyanna The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #20

Yep, its over - forgive? Never. Forget? You bet. I'm not having a Donald Trump day - we've got too much to look forward to - if their eyes look like a snake's, don't even interview them.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Raglan Matt The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #21

Raglan Matt
That was the message I was trying to highlight from the article, Jas, I also have knowledge through close family of how Freo players put huge efforts into giving the starlight kids an awesome match day experience, even to the point of cutting into their match preparation. Those things are remembered and talked about for years afterwards by the supporters involved, and are the best PR the club can get. My niece was an avid Sumich supporter until she was given the privelige to take part in a Starlight game, and had Jeff Farmer sit down and talk heart to heart to her for 30-40 minutes before the game. It changed her allegiance on the spot, (although I think she would be happy if Summa got the coaching job) and I reckon every Starlight kid in those days would feel the same.
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cletus said You Beaut

Raglan Matt The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #22

Raglan Matt
Stay on topic, Hypen.
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hypen said You Beaut

Gumnut The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #23

So according to the Worst this morning the CEO job could be a tossup between Scott Gooch and Brad Lloyd. Now I'm sure I've seen a few negative comments about Lloyd over the journey so was wondering how he may be received in a post Steve powerhouse age.if he got the job.
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cletus The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #24

We still - thank Gawd- do that bit 'right' RM.

Take ' The Millie Match ' this year. Was absolutely brilliantly done.

Was - by far & away - the brightest moment of the 2019 season.

Lot of things that - as a member - I've been unproud about over the last few years, but the few great moments of pride that I had for 'what my club did on that day', are enough to think there is something 'great' about my club.

(Ps ... Millie is still 'wowing' everyone with that smile, and everything is going well as it can for her...)
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rogerrocks, Raglan Matt, Marlz10 said You Beaut

Rusted On The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #25

Rusted On
Agree with everything you said Polly, except I'm not a rusted on idiot. Just a bit slow on the uptake sometimes......
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Straddo The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #26

I think there is something in getting to the kids, in all the junior footy years we've never had Dockers players to training of the games. Last year the Eagles sent Willie Rioli down and despite being a Freo fan, the young tacker still remembers him, and he was really engaging with the kids, and had a great time. At one stage a ball went past and he stuck his foot out and rolled his ankle standing on the ball and even I held my breath that he got up ok. What a great ambassador for his club. I reckon a few of ours getting out every week with the kids would be great for the club and great for young footy fans in general!

In saying that, the article is hardly a journalistic masterpiece. If we were as successful on the field as the wildcats I'm pretty sure our membership would be a tad more healthy than it is right now.
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Quasimodo The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #27

The club was in a death spiral to oblivion. Hopefully we now move forward.
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Raglan Matt The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #28

Raglan Matt
If we had an attacking mindset among coaches, like the Wildcats, we probably would be winning, with the players we have.
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