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TheColonel The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #1

I like the bit about engaging the members and not keeping them in the dark.
Also about engaging the media - not sure how we go about that in a sychophantic one eyed (blue and yella) town like Perth.
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expat The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #2

I thought Freo were simply a team where WA players retired to just to play some footy before hanging up the boots let alone a powerhouse or juggernaut, thus giving footy fans an alternative on Sunday arvo's.
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expat The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #3

I just had a read of the article and see they are targeting kids. So for us to target kids effectively we should start publishing comics... kids love comics.

I remember the Mad comic when I was young. I loved that especially the folding back page... we could do something similar.

The main characters in the comic are obvious... Supa Pav, the Wiz, Fyfe...

We could have game day which is a throw back to games where Freo thrashed the opposition... like when we smashed Collingwood by 112 points round 7, 2005. Or when we went on a 6 game winning streak against West Coast. Or 9 consecutive against Port Adelaide.

The fold out page can be one of our past champions.

Kids will love this.
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hypen The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #4

And boy I don't feel like pumping Shane Richmond's tyres up.

But during the debacle of the jumper change he wrote a post around why it was the work of amateurs, he used Collingwood and Maguire as a template on how to run a club. Shane spoke of engaging kids and the importance of it. He spoke of how our young supporters can't get an autograph or something like that. Point being there was no authenticity in their engagement.

It finished by saying "I bet Maguire got an autograph" as a kid; the point being he was shaped in his formative years.

And it was a brilliant thing to read. But it shouldn't of had to come from a fan ten years earlier than the club worked it out.
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Raglan Matt The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #5

Raglan Matt
I remember taking the young fellas to one of those coaching clinic things down at Freo in about '07 or '08. The kids had a ball, got some time with their heroes, kicked a footy around with them, real interaction from the players to their supporters. Do those days still happen or have they turned into a marketing exercise?
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FDB The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #6

Interesting article.

The Dockers need to engage more with media in Perth do they?

The West and Ch7?

Fascinating stuff.
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pollyanna The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #7

Ok, I'll engage with this topic because the article had such a myopic view it is plain stupid. This guy is a journalist that missed the boat totally. Sure, his gripe is around access but he has offered no insight than to point to the Wildcats and he simply refuses to acknowledge the administration of the FFC's denigration of its membership. That's the story you fool.

The Steves brought a war to the membership of the club - in my view, they hated the membership with a passion. They wanted to evolve the club into a facsimile of something else but did it in such a way that it simply disenfranchised the membership increasingly as their reign of terror progressed. Starting with the surreptitious survey that supposedly gave the Steves a license to overhaul the club symbols and corporate badging, through to badgering the membership by calling them seat renters, account numbers or just simply idiots. They were divisive and didn't want any inclusivity - members were disposable numbers that could move from credit to debit without any concern. Where one peasant went down another could be found to take their place.The most loyal bunkered down during the onslaught, or walked away. The admin acted like Machiavellian bullies in their fruitless pursuit of getting GF cup to prove their credibility within the wider football world - in the end it was nothing more than pointless ego reiteration. Members were credit card numbers that could simply rent a three game seat and bugger off until they fronted up to buy something in their merchandise store. They claimed short term pain for long term gain that ended up being a nauseating brand of football that couldn't be distracted by the odd cheap pie round, a few blow-up toys and various cringeworthy choices of prematch entertainment. The wheels came off because no one was on the bus and the bus hadn't moved for years.

It's going to be a big hill to climb simply to get back to our pre-Steve bonhomie. It may involve the little tackers but you gotta get the adults first. I've got some faith that the club will rebuild it's relationships again. But those twits that whinge about media/community access are precisely the same fools that never asked RoLy any pertinent questions in the post-game pressers and now want to construct a martyre out of him. They nurtured the Steve period through negligence and those voices have nothing constructive to offer now.
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hypen The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #8

That's going to the pool room.
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cletus The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #9

Eloquent as ever, Polly...
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expat The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #10

So you're saying you'd like some blowup chevrons for your trees?
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pollyanna The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #11

In 2009 my membership card had Pav on the front and a 'membership no.' on the back. In 2011 it had some weak-wristed version of an FFC logo on the front and an 'account id' on the back. The point was made by the Steves and it didnt go unnoticed by any seat renter. Now how hard would it have been to simply use the term 'member' (no matter what term was used when adding up the dollars in Dooker Control).

Think about that Clint Wheeldon and have a good think about re-engagement.
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Wedge Antilles The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #12

Wedge Antilles
Here's a newsflash - back when we were still based in Freo, every coffee break, every lunch, every walk to and from the car was an opportunity for Freo players to sign autographs for kids and make them lifelong fans. You can't buy that marketing and PR and we gave it up for a remote rec centre in Cockburn Central.

They can talk all they want about reconnecting but the horse has already bolted.
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Flag_2005 The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #13

It’s simply not correct to state that the Steves hated the membership with a passion. They both know that member numbers are key to financial sustainability.

Sectors of the membership may well have felt like the Steve’s hated them. What happened was they made a number of decisions, many controversial and a number unwise but no doubt supported by the Board, with a view to improving the club on and off the field. These pages are filled with discussion on those decisions.

The article is disingenuous. Peter Bell has, in fact, opened the club up to the media since he commenced his current role. There is no doubt that there was a period where the club shied away from the media but, quite frankly, it was for good reason. Bell appreciates that such an approach is unsustainable and has changed things. That said, the local media who want more access to Freo then went after Ross over the last month with a vigour previously unseen and likely with 8 years of grudges driving their agenda.

It will be fascinating to see how receptive the local media are to the new coach if it’s not Sumich.
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DrRPG The new powerhouse. 1 month 1 week ago #14

When FFC asked me to select the player for the front of my membership card, I answered -"Seeing we get to choose, I would rather a team photo instead of just one player on my card".

Response. "We don't have one".

Let's see if they heard.
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