TOPIC: Old girl '95 needs some luv

expat Old girl '95 needs some luv 3 weeks 1 day ago #1

Yes, she's vintage '95 but doesn't purr like she once did 5-7 year ago.
Recently back crossing the Nullabor from Adelaide where she was put through her paces.
Came out firing in the first... but just sputtered and farted from then on in.

Recent owner simply thrashed her at every opportunity requiring a complete rebuild in 2016.

Initial thought was all that was required was a change of colours... hence the chevrons.
But not so.

Along the way a few spark plugs were changed, including a 211 overhaul.

But she's not ticking the same... unfortunately.

Even a retro kit proved incorrect.

Now some are saying she needs a Justin Longmuire, while others are saying a Suma.

Not sure what to do as she's got 6 months up on the blocks, before she's required...

Help needed.
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Alvin Prpl, pollyanna, Matebe said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Old girl '95 needs some luv 3 weeks 1 day ago #2

Raglan Matt
Fit the NO2 system, new tyres and a change to Premium unleaded.

Oh, and wash the windscreen and headlights, the way forward will become clear.
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expat said You Beaut

freo00 Old girl '95 needs some luv 3 weeks 22 hours ago #3

Changing the nut behind the wheel was a good step !
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DougGreen, expat, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

TheColonel Old girl '95 needs some luv 3 weeks 20 hours ago #4

Changing the distributer and govenor helped.
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DougGreen, expat said You Beaut

Matebe Old girl '95 needs some luv 3 weeks 19 hours ago #5

Put it up on Auto Trader
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