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shane Flawless 1 month 22 hours ago #1

Forgot to mention the outstanding work of Troy up on the roof all year. Played beautifully snd never failed to start the game on time.

Great job, Troy.

Even if it was bloody Queen.
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rogerrocks, CaptSnooze, pollyanna said You Beaut

hypen Flawless 1 month 21 hours ago #2

Oh heck. You haven't heard? Got his marching orders last week. Something about soft prog rock and the members deserving better. Media already pushing Jethro Tull, as they always do when a football guitar hero job becomes vacant.

We need a young progressive player.

*please don't panic to the best of my knowledge he hasn't been sacked.
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shane Flawless 1 month 21 hours ago #3

Sad to see him go but one the other hand I think it's a great opportunity for the club to embrace the keytar. It's the way forward.
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cletus, DJKL said You Beaut

pollyanna Flawless 1 month 20 hours ago #4

He never blew off the roof - which is a relief. His resume for Queen jamming rooftop lead guitarists has gotta put him to the front of the Centrelink queue.

I reckon they should get Troy practicing Hell's Bells for the AGM - boy, is that going to be a party this year.
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purple mao Flawless 1 month 19 hours ago #5

purple mao
‘We will rock you’ as a pre-game anthem was reason enough for Steve to get sacked.
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Nodgey, shane, Gumby, DazzElle, Raglan Matt, Suker said You Beaut

shane Flawless 1 month 19 hours ago #6

He should never have survived Purple Rain.
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timmeh, Nodgey, rogerrocks, DJKL, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Flawless 1 month 14 hours ago #7

Raglan Matt
Knowing what we know now, I would have given him Acid Rain.
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cletus Flawless 1 month 10 hours ago #8

Any chance Troy has some Pharrel Williams in his song book....??

"Because I'm happy......
.Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof...."
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jezzaargh Flawless 1 month 9 hours ago #9

big fan of Acid Rain

a slow build up, but is a belter of a track. Tumbleweed supporting The Lemonheads at Freo Passenger Terminal - one of the best gigs I’ve ever been too...
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pollyanna said You Beaut

pollyanna Flawless 1 month 6 hours ago #10

Me too - if they did a Queen cover Troy would join in.
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