FD1016 JLo 3 weeks 6 days ago #1

Hated seeing him in Slimers gear.
He belongs in purple.
But is he ready?
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Enzo said You Beaut

DougGreen JLo 3 weeks 6 days ago #2

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fourthump, FD1016, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

fourthump JLo 3 weeks 6 days ago #3

I think of Doug Green and Justin Longmuir with similar fondness. I love a contested mark and a cool head.
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DougGreen said You Beaut

Snail JLo 3 weeks 6 days ago #4

I know he has poor PR but surely Sumich has deserved a chance at senior level given what he’s done with the WA junior side.
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slammen, Raglan Matt, Wharfie Time said You Beaut

Drubbing JLo 3 weeks 6 days ago #5

It has to be Longmuir. Strong connection to Freo, so hopefully he'd want it and he's done his apprenticeship in coaching. He's the best fit.

Brad Scott is in the running, but he's a goofball.
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DougGreen said You Beaut

Bizkit JLo 3 weeks 6 days ago #6

Bring him in, he's one of us. He'll do what's best for the club and I think that's been something sorely missed for a long time.

He's got a good record wherever he's gone with a great bond with players and knowledge of the game from all reports. He belongs in purple.
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teasea, Derby12, themagoos said You Beaut

The_Yeti JLo 3 weeks 6 days ago #7


you might be as good a judge of coaches as you are players.

I'd be more than happy with Jlo as head coach. Him or Caracella
Egurls Suck!
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Bizkit said You Beaut

Quasimodo JLo 3 weeks 6 days ago #8

I hope not Scott. I would like a younger contemporary coach.

JLO will be a great fit, I would like Sam Mitchell considered too.
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Derby12 JLo 3 weeks 6 days ago #9

We’ve got the quinella so far with Lyon and Rosich gone - lets get the trifecta with J-lo.
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dddocker JLo 3 weeks 6 days ago #10

Despite our recent history, with players wanting out (apparently) and loss of membership the Fremantle job will be seen by many aspiring and previous coaches as a plum job in an Australian Football state with guaranteed support.
I'm not in favor of re-cycled (sacked coaches) but I would think that Brad Scott and Michael Voss will put their hand up. Especially Voss who went for the Carlton job. Don't be surprised if Dean Cox shows some interest. Who's on the Hawthorn ass coaches list? Clarkson's proteges seem to be very successful at the senior job?
Having said all that JLo is not a bad option. Sumich? Not sure he's the man. He'll be there bidding no doubt.
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dddocker JLo 3 weeks 6 days ago #11

Could be more sackings to come. Pyke at Crows? Hinkley at Port? Cameron at GWS?
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R.Lyon said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn JLo 3 weeks 6 days ago #12

Corporal Agarn
I'd like the trifecta. Lyon, Rosich and Webber.
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CaptSnooze, Raglan Matt, Derby12 said You Beaut

FDB JLo 3 weeks 6 days ago #13

Quasi - Sam Mitchell should not be considered unless he submits to a ritual bi-weekly kneeing.
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heycharger, Sox, DougGreen said You Beaut

Sox JLo 3 weeks 6 days ago #14

If we’re getting the band back together...
Bell for Head of Football
JLo for Coach
Pav for CEO
Sandi for Ruck coach
Hasleby for midfield coach
Mzungu for Runner
Hayden for development coach
And have we got a broom cupboard somewhere that Clive can live in?
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heycharger, FFC246, DougGreen, Quasimodo, Helenv, brayshaw8 said You Beaut