TOPIC: Hil & Kelly

Corporal Agarn Hil & Kelly 2 weeks 2 days ago #1

Corporal Agarn
With Hill's departure looking imminent, we are likely to get some good compenastion. Plus with us likely to finish somewhere low again, an early pick. I know plenty didn't want us burning an early draft pick but does Hill leaving change things?
Saying that, would Kelly even want to come to Freo? Geelong seem more confident of him staying also.
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cookie Hil & Kelly 2 weeks 2 days ago #2

Looks like Hill is 25% gone already !
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shane said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Hil & Kelly 2 weeks 2 days ago #3

Raglan Matt
Not if you look at his actions on field.
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pollyanna, Gerovich said You Beaut

Bizkit Hil & Kelly 2 weeks 2 days ago #4

No, it will always be a big mistake to give up 2 high first round picks for a bloke with 4 or so years left and who knows how many of them will be at the same quality as this season let alone with question marks over coming into a new system and with a higher likelihood of a tag.

When we aren't in contention, topping up a list and throwing away our ability to take quality youth is just dumb, especially when there's so much WA talent around.
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goodie, DocDocker, DJKL, DazzElle, Burton, R.Lyon, Timbo29 said You Beaut

DJKL Hil & Kelly 2 weeks 2 days ago #5

I'd really prefer to keep Hill (sic) and I don't care about Kely (sic)
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Drubbing Hil & Kelly 2 weeks 2 days ago #6

If Hill wants to go, it blows a huge hole in the players love Ross BS. Hill came to play with his brother, has prem medals and nothing to prove to himself.

If he's going, it's because he's can't stand Rolyball chaos.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

KingKepler Hil & Kelly 2 weeks 2 days ago #7

I think Hill probably loves his girlfriend more than Ross........

Carlton and Melbourne may be interested and will have the picks.
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goodie, Crikey, OL55, R.Lyon said You Beaut

CaptSnooze Hil & Kelly 2 weeks 2 days ago #8

Hill makes things happen when no-one else can.
Will the Ros Bros go with what's best for the club long-term, and keep and use the high drafts picks ensuing for the future, or will they shore up their tottering Strong Strategic Plan Including Resuming Finals, by blowing them on established stars with a short window and quite possibly their best behind them?
Especially when trying to adjust to our often-dysfunctional game style.
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freo00 said You Beaut

Eggy Hil & Kelly 2 weeks 2 days ago #9

Be a shame if he leaves hope the rumour is wrong because he has been very good this year. I fully understand the desire to go if your partners not happy and wants to be somewhere else if that is the case.

I would rather some young enthusiastic draft picks. Who knows we might draft the next Fyfe, Pav,
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pollyanna Hil & Kelly 2 weeks 2 days ago #10

We should give him another Doig medal before he Lachie's us.
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CaptSnooze, Lazza040, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

shane Hil & Kelly 2 weeks 2 days ago #11

Give him one? We bloody well named it after him.

Sure, he gave us a fake name but we didn't call him out on it, we just rolled with The Doig.
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Blue1red1, The_Yeti, pollyanna, teasea, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

cletus Hil & Kelly 2 weeks 2 days ago #12

I'd be real unhappy if we lose him, and, yep, would query all the things that could potentially give him a reason to leave,


I want blokes dressed in purple that WANT to be playing for us, who are committed to the cause, and have no if , buts or maybes.

If Brad's not fully on board, well, its best he goes...

Likewise any potential replacements.
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Gerovich said You Beaut

hypen Hil & Kelly 2 weeks 2 days ago #13

I'm at that age where if the wife says, "I'm going to live interstate" you kind of say, "ok honey I'll be over at Xmas".

Obviously the Hills aren't there yet.
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Blue1red1, goodie, cletus, captdazza, Down on down said You Beaut

pollyanna Hil & Kelly 2 weeks 2 days ago #14

So if Martha moves to Melbourne you wouldn't ring up Charlotte? Go figure.
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