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bpurple Teams: Hawthorn v Fremantle 1 week 4 days ago #29

Harsh comments on Hodor, he is a pretty junior ruckman who managed to dominate Ryder and Lycett in the port game and matched Max Gorn in the Melbourne game. Cruiser got hold off him in the second half of the Carlton game but lets measure the experience of the two. He should be helping in the ruck at this point in his career not carrying it.
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rogerrocks Teams: Hawthorn v Fremantle 1 week 2 days ago #30

Logue might be strong, fast, tall, and lots of other things, but he doesn't have any footy smarts. When Darling lost him with a little dummy in the first quarter of the Derby, I realised just how bad Logue's footy brain is. Maybe there is a role for him in future, but not until he learns to think like a footy player.
And I say all this as someone who has never played any sport at a high level. Its not fun watching Logue run around and thinking that he reads the play about as well as I do.
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Raglan Matt Teams: Hawthorn v Fremantle 1 week 2 days ago #31

Raglan Matt
If we had targets forward at all times, Logue could play off half back and belt it into our forward fifty by running straight. 1 thing to think about at a time. With the "hold up, wait for matera & Walters to run forward, then chip it sideways to B Hill, who has 3 opposition players hanging off his jumper." type scenario's, it is a bit too complicated for Logue.
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